The ultimate solution for reliable and affordable Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) transfer.
HubMate Low Profile Service Port and Service Tool. Fits where other parts cannot. Compatible with your existing couplers
What exactly is a ‘spring setting’? Unlike other dry break fuel system manufacturers, we don’t believe in one size fits all. Our solution is to supply diesel fuel nozzles, receivers, and tank vents in a range of preconfigured settings.
A dry break coupling used in diesel refuelling or service fluid transfer management is designed to ensure safe and spill-free filling.
How to maximise your Fuel Tax Credits and ensure you receive your full entitlement. Who can claim fuel tax credits?
Fluid Asset Intelligence is an umbrella term that encompasses the data, metrics, control systems and processes that contribute towards consistent, replicable savings and performance improvements
The Xpress Controller is a cost-effective liquid management device built to withstand harsh operating environments, provide ease of use, and deliver Secure Fuel Inventory Monitoring and Control. It’s perfect for all fleets and industries.