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Fluid Asset Intelligence

Manage your fluid assets intelligently with Banlaw’s integrated fluid control technologies.

For over 40 years Banlaw has set the standard for fluid asset management. In keeping with our commitment to safe, accurate, and secure fluid transfer and storage, Banlaw offer the only integrated software, hardware, and infrastructure capabilities to enable total fluid control – regardless of the type of fluid.

What is Fluid Asset Intelligence?

Fluid Asset Intelligence is an umbrella term that encompasses the data, metrics, control systems and processes that contribute towards consistent, replicable savings and performance improvements. Fluid Asset Intelligence provides invaluable information that allows real-time control of your fluid levels, which can be leveraged to enhance productivity from the assets that consume those fluids. Fluid Asset Intelligence can put your business in control of your hydrocarbons, chemicals, water – all your fluid assets.

Banlaw’s Fuel Management System is the only complete, end-to-end solution to any liquid storage and transfer challenge. This unified approach ensures every drop ends up where you need it, when you need it, safely and securely. Integrated technologies, products and components work synergistically to allow greater control over assets (fuel, oil, trucks, tanks, facilities) and deliver better business outcomes. Banlaw’s fluid asset intelligence suite of products and services ensures increased productivity, increased safety, and improved financial outcomes.

Why use a Fluid or Fuel Management System?

Using a Fluid or Fuel Management System, simply put, makes good business sense. Companies that handle large volumes of high value liquid resources have a great deal of cost tied up in these assets. They need to closely track their fluid consumption, prevent unauthorised access to fuels and lubes, and accurately reconcile volumes and value. A Fuel Management System provides better fuel security and greater control over access to fluids, enables accurate tank level monitoring, and tracks consumption of all fuels and service fluids to the asset that actually used them.

In terms of the resource management lifecycle, installation of a Fuel or Fluid Management System – particularly an integrated, and end-to-end system, such as Banlaw’s – enables businesses to realise a significant ROI. How? Well, having a sophisticated management system and powerful reporting suite provides businesses with the data they need to make substantial savings.

Banlaw’s Fuel Management Systems provide valuable information on the location of every litre or gallon at any given time, ensures that fuel or fluid can only be accessed by the people authorised to use it, and can even assist with stock rotation to avoid spoilage. All of this adds up to more money in the bank.

Banlaw’s Fuel or Fluid Management System’s refuelling hardware, field controllers, software, infrastructure, and intelligent devices work synergistically to:

  • ensure you always have sufficient – but not excessive – fluids available
  • reduce fuel/fluid wastage
  • reduce facility, plant, and vehicle breakdowns
  • save time and money through better efficiencies provided by automated fluid transfer and data management processes
  • ensure you only pay for fluids you receive, and that those fluids are only used to the benefit of your business
  • assist with managing and maintaining a correctly-sized fleet without waste

This unified approach ensures each and every drop ends up where it’s needed, when it’s needed, safely and securely.

A complete Fuel Management Solution for improved Fluid Asset Intelligence

A complete Fuel Management Solution for improved Fluid Asset Intelligence

Banlaw has spent over 40 years specialising in fuel management, safe refuelling and fluid transfer systems, and storage tank monitoring technologies. We have used this knowledge, passion, and experience to develop superior products and enterprise software solutions that gather metrics and maintain real-time visibility and control of all fluid storage tanks and fluid-consuming assets.

While each of our product categories stands alone and represents the ‘best in class’ for its kind, what sets Banlaw apart from the rest is the fact that our integrated suite of products and services work together to create an offering that is, truly, greater than the sum of its parts.

Banlaw FillSafe™

Banlaw FillSafe™ ensures safe, clean, efficient fluid transfer, whether you are managing diesel or service fluids. Our FillSafe product family comprises top-quality fluid transfer components and tank safety systems. The FillSafe range boasts over 500 products, including fluid transfer couplings, nozzles, receivers, swivels, vents, overfill prevention hardware and more.

Our Dry Break nozzles automatically seal themselves, liquid-tight, ensuring all fluid transfers are safe and secure. Flush face fittings help avoid built-up grime and dirt on the nozzle or receiver being introduced into the fluid stream during transfers. Filtered vents prevent airborne contaminants from entering the tank and avoid excessive tank pressure. Primary tank overfill protection hardware provides the surety and safety of pressureless refuelling – an extremely important, proactive step for preventing fires and spillages on mobile plant.

FillSafe products take care of the entire fluid transfer process:

  • ensure that fluids are transferred safely – tank overfill protection means no dangerous pressure build-up in the tank can cause spills or even tank rupture
  • ensures that fluids are transferred efficiently – no premature shut-off, even at the highest flow rates, right up to thousands of litres per minute (for FillSafe Power)
  • ensures that tanks are filled to the optimum ullage – never under- or over-filled
  • protect machines from the introduction of debris and contaminants during fluid transfers
  • auto ID technology, embedded within Dry Break and Splash Fill refuelling hardware (totally unique to Banlaw) allows for assignment of a unique security ID to each fuel-consuming asset. This increases fuel security and enables clients to ensure liquids of the correct type, in the correct volume, are only dispensed into the correct machines

Banlaw ResTrack™

Our ResTrack solution:

  • provides real-time visibility into your fixed and mobile fluid storages
  • automates fluid transfer processes for refuelling and maintenance
  • allows greater control over fluid access and security
  • reduces time spent on administration and reconciliation tasks associated with receiving and managing your liquids
  • collects data in real-time that can be used to save time and money on fluid storage and delivery

ResTrack RMS software interfaces with the most critical on-site component of the Fuel Management System – the field controller. Our ResTrack Advanced Controller provides access to vehicle and tank data, gathers reliable, temperature-compensated measurements, and assists businesses to retain control over fluid access and security for numerous tanks and dispensing nozzles simultaneously. For clients with only a few tanks or fluid transfer functions to manage, one of our Tank Side Controllers, or the accessibly-priced ResTrack™ Xpress Controller, are likely to meet your needs perfectly.

Banlaw FlowLogix™

Our FlowLogix offering represents the built infrastructure projects and specialist on-site service capabilities that we bring to our clients’ worksites. It is the engineered tank farms, maintenance facilities, refuelling islands, process automation expertise, and more. Banlaw FlowLogix™ can deliver a single pre-assembled and ready-to-deploy skid, a loading arm, a self-bunded diesel storage tank, all the way up to the most complete and automated of fuel farms, managing millions of litres or gallons of high-value fluid assets.

Banlaw offers cost-efficient fluid storage and management infrastructure built to the most commonly called-for specifications. We can also create custom-engineered hardware and technology deployments tailored to your unique budget, scope, scale, and geographic location. Banlaw specialists support you every step of the way, commissioning your solution, ensuring you realise a rapid return on investment, educating local teams, and helping you turn reliable infrastructure, systems, and data into beneficial and profitable business outcomes.

Contact Banlaw today to find out more about managing your fluid assets and gathering the Fluid Asset Intelligence you need

Contact Banlaw today to find out more about managing your fluid assets and gathering the Fluid Asset Intelligence you need

For more information on how we can help your business achieve cleaner, faster, and safer refuelling, track every drop of liquid, and deliver it when and where it’s needed, contact Banlaw today. Click here for Australian and international contact details, or to find a local distributor. Alternatively, click here to complete our online contact form and a Banlaw representative will contact you shortly.