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Fuel Management Software

Banlaw ResTrackTM RMS is our fuel inventory management software. It coordinates all access, storage, and movement of fluid assets. ResTrack RMS is an enterprise-class software suite, that puts you in control of your liquid resources.

ResTrack; can be deployed as a vendor-managed online fuel management system software, or customers can choose to install it on the company’s own network instead.

What is Banlaw ResTracktm RMS?

‘RMS’ is an acronym for Resource Management System, and it really does do more than other kinds of fuel tracking software. ResTrack RMS manages diesel, chemicals, oils, alcohol, water, coolant, petroleum, liquid foods, palm oil, grease, crude oil, DEF… pretty much anything that flows!

Our fuel inventory management software is fully-scalable. It caters to remote bulk fuel management or a single dispensing location, all the way up to multi-site deployments with hundreds of Controllers in the field, multiple fuel farms, numerous service trucks, and dispensing locations servicing thousands of machines. It does all this whilst seamlessly integrating non-hydrocarbon resources into the same management, control, and reporting framework.

ResTrack RMS Software Brochure

Fluid Resource Management System

banlaw restracktm rms software

Banlaw ResTrackTM RMS software means you have one version of the truth. It ensures accurate delivery and consumption data, and allows effective benchmarking, reporting, and process control across sites or regions.

Features and Benefits of our Fuel Management System Software

banlaw fuel management system software

(ResTrack RMS Fuel Tracking Software Screenshots)

ResTrack enables fuel inventory management automatically, securing and reporting on fluids delivered to site, fluids dispensed, tank levels, and vehicle IDs, all without human intervention.



Management and Security



User Interface


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(Fuel Inventory Management Software in the office, or on-the-go)


Contact Banlaw today if you need increased accuracyaccountabilitysecurity, or productivity for your fluid assets.

To read more about Banlaw liquid resource and fuel inventory management systems overall, visit our main fuel management system webpage.


ResTrack RMS Software Brochure

Fluid Resource Management System

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