Our LubeCentral range of fluid transfer products is designed to fill and evacuate a wide range of liquids. This helps all heavy industries, including mining and rail businesses that want to service key equipment cleanly, and quickly. LubeCentral products have been specifically created for the job. They avoid contamination and cross-contamination of fluids, and maximise flow rates due to engineering design focused on optimising the fluid path.

Banlaw LubeCentral is a robust range of fluid couplings engineered to safely and efficiently transfer oils, grease and coolants in heavy industrial environments. The nozzles contain an industry standard ball-lock latching system for a stronger lock connection, as well as “Dry Break” technology to eliminate spillage.

Choose Banlaw fluid transfer products, for optimised fluid transfer management in your business.


Benefits of Banlaw LubeCentral


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(Flush Face Receivers – BPLR6 / BPLR11 / BPLR4 / BPLR3)

  • Flush Face to Minimise Contamination

Both the nozzle and mating receivers are a Flush Face design, without the traditional deep recesses to trap harmful contamination between mating fittings. This minimises the extent of contamination entering the fluid stream during servicing and reduces wear on mating seals and other components within the fittings.

  • Colour Coded

Each set is uniquely colour coded to assist the operator in identifying mating fittings. Only paired nozzles and receivers will connect.

  • Higher Flow Capability for More Efficient Fluid Transfer Management

Banlaw’s LubeCentral fittings offer excellent flow rates due to sound engineering design focused on the internal fluid flow path. Common threaded connection sizes are available in sizes 3/4” all the way up to 1-1/4” NPT.

  • Push-to-Connect

Without the need to manually retract the nozzle actuating collar during connection, the operator needn’t struggle to ensure proper engagement of our fluid transfer products.

  • Banlaw Durability

The entire LubeCentral range is ‘designed for the job’. It retains the recognisable Banlaw features including secure ball-lock latching mechanisms and rugged zinc electroplated steel construction of vital parts. This maximises the working life of each fitting and provides a safer work environment for the operator, even in harsh environments.


Banlaw LubeCentral fluid transfer products are available in a Flush Face range, a Classic range, and there are also dedicated products for Grease Transfer and Fluid Evacuation. Arctic Range variants are also available.


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