Flush Face Range

The combination of aligned mating surfaces and heavy duty dust caps in Banlaw’s Flush Face range drastically reduces premature component wear.

Each size fitting is unique and colour coded to prevent accidental connection. This stops cross contamination between differing fluid types. It is impossible to connect couplings which are not paired. The Flush Face coupling is designed to enable the operator to wipe the coupling faces clean before connecting the transfer hose.

No exposed deep recesses means that only clean oil, grease or other fluid is transferred from the service unit to the machine.

The Flush Face range has a push-to-connect system that makes them simple and easy to use.

To reduce service times, our Flush Face range should be combined with the Banlaw Evacuation Coupling(BEC). The Banlaw Evacuation Coupling can connect with all receivers in the Flush Face range, aside from the size 0.

Each nozzle and receiver is supplied with a matching aluminium cap, to reduce wear and contamination.

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Connect-Under-Pressure Coupling

The Size 11 nozzle and receiver in our Flush Face range was specifically designed to connect whilst the transfer line is subjected to residual line pressure. It can be used with oils and other fluids used in mining, rail, ports and other heavy industries.

Banlaw’s Size 11 Flush Face receiver is fabricated from high tensile steel, and case-hardened with nickel electroless plating to extend product life when used under heightened pressures.

Banlaw Micro Flush Face Coupling

Banlaw’s Size 0 receiver and nozzle combination is the smallest in the flush face range. The Size 0 is perfect for a range of applications where a larger set of couplings would not be required or appropriate, such as:

  • Dosing
  • Withdrawing product samples for analysis
  • Introducing specialised equipment to a system for analysis
  • Use as a temporary pressure tap for pipeline analysis

100% stainless steel construction of all metal components ensure that the receiver is not prone to corrosion. The Size 0 receiver and nozzle are durable items that can be placed into any system and can be ready to use even after long periods of neglect.
The Size 0 receiver does not couple with the Banlaw Evacuation Coupling.

Product Catalogue