Pilot Lines

Pilot Lines are  the vital link between the Flow Control Valve and the Level Sensor in a FillSafe Zero system.

Internal Pilot Lines

Banlaw FillSafeTM Zero Internal Pilot Lines have been correctly specified for constant immersion in diesel fuel, and the stainless-steel braid improves resilience and reduces hose damage from bumps and scrapes prior to or during system installation.

Internal Pilot Lines are subjected to ongoing strain and fatigue, as they are essentially ‘unsupported’ within the tank between the Flow Control Valve and Level Sensor process connections. Third party (non-Banlaw) OFP systems using Internal Pilot Lines often experience poor reliability when this line is damaged, or when a process connection has ‘fallen off’.

Banlaw has engineered our Internal Pilot Lines and ‘swivel’ process connections on the Flow Control Valve and Level Sensor to overcome such problems and maintain the reliability of the FillSafe Zero system.

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BFCV50H-1.0 – Internal Pilot Line, 1.0m Length

External Pilot Lines

External Pilot Lines can be supplied by Banlaw, or sourced from any reputable hose supplier in accordance with Banlaw specifications.Typically, a hose rated for use with diesel fuels and complying with SAE 100R1AT would be the minimum requirement.

Banlaw can supply weld-mount, bolted or magnetic hose clamps to help secure External Pilot Lines to your equipment.

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Pilot Line Installation

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Flow Control Valve and Internal Pilot Line Installation

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Non-Level-Sensing Vent and Internal Pilot Line Installation

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