Banlaw’s fluid evacuation couplings transform waste fluid removal practices. Using just one Coupling, service teams can connect to all the Banlaw Flush Face receivers from size 1 to size 11. Waste products are evacuated using a vacuum rather than gravity to reduce fluid removal times.


The BEC has a fluid-tight connection, which prevents spillage during the fluid evacuation process. It is dry-break, and incorporates a dependable ball-lock latching mechanism. As with the entire LubeCentral™ range, the BEC fluid path is optimised for higher transfer rates.

BEC can be connected and disconnected while the vacuum pump remains running due to its (patent pending) internal manual open/closed valve. The BEC also includes unique safety features. It cannot be disconnected while the internal valve is open, and will not allow reverse flow. No waste products can be mistakenly pumped back into your machines with a BEC.

bec banlaw's product


The BEC-B does not include the manual open/close valve found in our BEC. Because of this, there is no requirement to ‘twist’ the BEC-B to unlock the fluid evacuation path. It is designed for tighter service boxes, where there isn’t room for a tool as well as a pair of hands.

BEC-B includes the same dependable ball-lock latching mechanism as the rest of the range, along with a fluid path optimised for higher transfer rates. Just like the original BEC, our BEC-B incorporates a check valve so waste products cannot be mistakenly pumped back into your machines.

bec-b banlaw's product