Xpress Controller

Banlaw Xpress Field Controller

Enterprise level capabilities at an affordable price

The Xpress Controller is the central component in a complete Fuel Management System. This field controller is a cost-effective liquid management device built to withstand harsh operating environments, provide ease of use, and deliver Secure Fuel Inventory Monitoring and Control. The Xpress Controller can interface with industry-best fluid security and data collection technologies, and seamlessly connects with our cloud or locally-hosted Liquid Management Software. It provides real-time actionable insights for your operations and delivers many enterprise-level capabilities at an affordable price. 

Banlaw Xpress Fuel Management Field Controller
Banlaw ResTrack Xpress Brochure

Xpress Controller Key Benefits

Powerful Capabilities at an Affordable Price

Created by the global leader in enterprise-class liquid resource management, the Xpress Controller is designed to operate on industrial work sites all over the world. This compact unit manages user and equipment identification, pump control, ball-valve control, and flow metering for up to 4 nozzles. It also provides precision, real-time tank gauging for 4 tanks. It’s as simple as you need and as scalable as you could require. 

Agriculture, Construction, Road Transport, and Aggregates / Quarries

The Xpress Controller offers enterprise level capabilities at an affordable price, making it ideal for any industry.

Provides Accuracy, Visibility and Control

Banlaw ResTrackTM Xpress seamlessly connects with our cloud or locally-hosted Liquid Management Software, enabling full visibility and control of the fluids you manage. As a business, you receive accurate and actionable business insights without the need for manual data collection processes. Information gathered can be used for efficient and accurate reporting, including consumption, carbon reporting, and other audit-ready inputs for fluid reconciliation, and tax office compliance. For improved reconciliation accuracy, all tank levels and flow measurements can be temperature compensated, a feature normally only available in more expensive offerings. ResTrack Xpress also features an offline data capacity of over 65,000 transactions, ensuring your data is retained even when no network connection is available. 
Banlaw Fuel Management Software

Sturdy, Reliable and Low Maintenance

Banlaw Xpress Fuel Management Field Controller hardened gorilla glass touch screen user interface
The Xpress can be easily operated with gloved hands.

The Xpress Controller can withstand harsh industrial work environments, whilst providing safe operation and control of your fuel and service fluid infrastructure.

In this product, Banlaw has harnessed decades of learnings from our FuelTrack product, as well as the highly-technical Advanced Controller offering. These insights and the most highly-valued features have been distilled into the Xpress, our most reliable and cost-effective FMS Controller.

With no compromises on quality, and supported by Banlaw’s Remote Helpdesk Monitoring, the system is virtually maintenance-free. The Xpress Controller is a competitively priced, technology-leading, and reliable solution. 

Banlaw construction industry fuel management solutions
The Xpress is completely dust-tight and can easily withstand industrial work environments.

Simple, flexible and cost efficient installation

Banlaw ResTrack™ Xpress features a compact and lightweight design. Installation costs can be kept to a minimum because a single electrician can easily mount and terminate the controller within a short period. Accompanied by Banlaw’s remote commissioning and 24/7 help desk support, your Resource Management System is up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

The Xpress Controller can manage up to 4 dispensing nozzles or fluid transfer functions. Additionally, the controller provides Automatic Tank Gauging for up to 4 storage tanks. The Xpress Controller is adaptable to the vast majority of Refuelling Infrastructure requirements and is a compact and cost-effective hardware solution.

Banlaw Xpress Fuel Management Field Controller can be installed by a single electrician
The compact unit can be maneuvered and wired-up by a single electrician.

Built-in Security Features

Banlaw Xpress Controller security features for fuel management such as employee swipe cards
The Xpress Controller is compatible with existing employee swipe cards.

The Xpress Controller adopts all of Banlaw’s proven security features when it comes to approved access. It interfaces with Banlaw’s Heavy Vehicle and Light Vehicle Auto-ID Technologies for maximised fuel security, and can also wirelessly capture odometer and engine hours data as vehicles are being filled.

Other ID methods such as user pin numbers, employee swipe cards, fobs and Long Range RFID can also be used.

Xpress Controller Features

>  Manages between 1 and 4 Nozzles / Fluid Transfer Functions

>  Volume scale granularity of 0.01 Gallons or Litres (L)

>  Supports a maximum transaction size up to 6,500,000.00 G or L

>  Works with all common, high-quality flowmeters

>  Stainless steel enclosure with IP56 ingress protection excludes dust as well as low-pressure water spray

>  Temperature compensation (Diesel, Petroleum, Gas, Jet, Oils, Lube Oil, Crude)

>  Odometer and Engine Hours input (manual or automated)

>  Choice of cloud-hosted software or installed on a local database

>  7” high-brightness colour touchscreen for easy daytime and night-time

Hardened Gorilla glass capacitive touch interface works with gloved hands

>  Maximum offline transaction capacity – 65, 536

>  Maximum fleet size (vehicles) – 104, 857

>  Maximum number of users (RFID tags) – 209, 715

>  Precision tank level monitoring using temperature-corrected fluid levels

>  Local tank level display on the controller screen

>  Real-time visibility within the cloud-hosted software and notifications for business users or fuel suppliers

>  Up to 4 storage tanks can be monitored per Xpress Controller

>  The system continues to work optimally whilst offline

>  Ethernet

>  Wi-Fi

>  3G / 4G

>  User pin

>  Key fob

>  Card Reader / Employee Cards – HID or Cardax

>  Splash Fill Auto-ID (LV)

>  Dry Break Auto-ID (HV)

>  Long Range RFID Fuel Management

>  i-Button

>  RFID Tag

Up to 4 x Storage Tanks

>  Tank Level Probe

>  Temperature Probe

1 to 4 x Nozzles / Fluid Transfer Points

>  Equipment Auto-ID Signal

>  Nozzle Flow Meter

>  Nozzle Fluid Temperature

>  Ball Valve Control

>  Pump Control

Power (24Vdc)

Certified for compliant installation in most countries (UL/AS/MDG/ICES/FCC/etc)

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Banlaw ResTrack Xpress Brochure

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