We design, engineer and manufacture a range of high performance diesel refuelling components including dry break nozzles, dry break receivers, vents and dust caps.

Our products are designed and built for reliability and performance, and used in some of the harshest work environments around the world.

Our Dry Break Nozzles are made from steel and aluminium and are ergonomically designed for easy and balanced operation even under high pump pressures. Banlaw dry break nozzles have the highest flow rate capability to help you improve diesel refuelling times and reduce vehicle downtime.

Our range of Dry Break Receivers are manufactured from the highest quality materials including stainless steel, to ensure they can withstand harsh every day treatment. The use of a ball locking mechanism ensures a secure, clean and reliable connection.

Banlaw Diesel Tank Vents are designed to manage flow rates to complement the dry break system nozzle and the receiver setup.

Our diesel refuelling systems have a number of in-built safety features; but we also manufacture products dedicated to avoiding fuel spillage such as Break Away Valves and Pressureless Tank Overfill Protection Systems.

Banlaw are the diesel refuelling experts. When you purchase Banlaw products you can be sure that each component has been engineered with an optimised fluid path and contamination-prevention features.

Product Catalogue

Extreme Temperatures

the left side shows the temperature is -60°f that the dump truck is frozen while the right shows the temperature is extremely hot that the temperature reaches to +131°f

With the addition of our new, specialist Arctic Range products, we’ve now got you covered if your site is exposed to an extreme range of temperatures.

Our standard products are able to withstand extreme heat, safely operating in temperatures up to 55 degrees celcius.

Some of our refuelling products that are specified for extreme cold conditions include:

  • Banlaw 800 series dry break diesel refuelling nozzles
  • Banlaw 23 series dry break diesel refuelling receivers
  • Banlaw AUS25 series diesel tank vents
  • Banlaw 2” (DN50) and 3” (DN80) break-away valves
  • Banlaw dry-break nozzle swivels

What’s New?

the bulk fluid transfer coupling

The Bulk Fluid Transfer Coupling has been developed for problem-free refuelling on long haul rail journeys.

This product is suitable for various industries, and supports the bi-directional flow of diesel at up to 500lpm (132gpm).

bvls80 fillsafe zero

Tank Overfill Protection

lubecentral range

Fluid Transfer

laptop and mobile phone with banlaw site on screen

Fuel Management Systems

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