Our integrated systems, products and services will put you back in control and save you money. As Pioneers of Unified Fluid Management, our team can help you to improve efficiency as well as enhance your company’s environmental and safety performance in every aspect of your fuel and hydrocarbon management.

Our technology is used every day in the harshest work environments around the world, it is designed and built for reliability and performance. Our products are ergonomically designed to be easy to handle and simple to use. All fittings are manufactured from high quality alloys machined to exacting standards, while all electronics are securely housed and protected from direct damage and moisture.

No matter how harsh or remote the operating environment, Banlaw’s systems mean that vehicles such as locomotives, haul trucks, excavators, bulldozers, heavy trucks, buses, container lift machines and storage tanks can be safely fast-filled and individual vehicle usage can be monitored. The system can also help to eliminate fuel theft, cut machinery down-time and provide a safer, cleaner and more environmentally sustainable work place.

We are committed to long-term customer relationships and excellence, and are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards. Our ongoing, innovative research and development program is designed to meet your future needs.

Company Profile

We have over 40 years’ experience in designing and managing systems for mining, ports (container handling), rail and transport industries. Having complete control of the delivery, despatch, cleanliness and usage of all hydrocarbons gives our clients unparalleled control of their environmental risks, effectiveness and accuracy. Fuel management is one of the primary factors affecting bottom line performance.

Our main manufacturing and research and development facility is located in the Hunter Valley, the centre of Australia’s industrial heartland. Our systems can be found in use throughout Australia, Europe, the United States, Asia and the Americas where we have authorised sales and service partners.

The Banlaw promise is improved economic, environmental and safety performance.

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Our Vision

To lead innovation in unified fuel management, hydrocarbon systems, solutions and services globally.

Our Mission

Delivering innovative unified fuel management solutions, systems and services on time and on budget to our clients, enabling responsible management of hydrocarbon assets and obligations.

Our Values

Safety, teamwork, trust, innovation, quality, and respect.

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