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Banlaw and The University of Newcastle open a gateway for engineering excellence in the Hunter Valley

Banlaw supports and encourages partnerships that bring long-term mutual benefits, and our growing collaboration with the University of Newcastle perfectly embodies this spirit.

Together with the School of Engineering, we’re seeking to nurture a new era of innovation and enable future thought leaders in our industries – all while elevating the landscape of high-performance manufacturing in the Hunter Valley. At the core of the collaboration is a mutual dedication to preparing graduates for the dynamic challenges of a STEM workforce.

In late 2023, we attended the first NU Teams Careers Day, where a Q&A panel of manufacturing innovation leaders, including Banlaw, answered various student questions related to job-ready skills. Banlaw General Manager Sebastian Hoppe said the partnership between Banlaw and the University of Newcastle is instrumental in nurturing high-value Australian expertise.

Fuel management system specialists Banlaw present Australian fueling systems innovations, including fuel security that cannot be tricked and automatic tank gauging of diesel tanks in fuel farms.

(Pictured left to right: Sebastian HoppeBanlaw, Chris Bird – ResTech, Adam Amos – Robotic Systems, Pierre Gouhier – Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources)

“Through this relationship, we can affect job readiness and support students by exposing them to technologies and disciplines not otherwise taught in an engineering degree. It allows us to help cultivate the proficiencies needed for the industry’s evolution directly. It also means we can scope out the rising stars in various engineering technology fields and introduce them to Banlaw,” said Sebastian.

Banlaw’s commitment to the NU Teams program includes ongoing engagement with students to share the insights and skills crucial to successful technology innovation in the years ahead. We’re also making a financial contribution to final-year (honours) student projects to assist with rapid prototyping, CNC manufacture, and embedded technologies.

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“Investing in the development of local talent helps strengthen our community and propels the Hunter Valley as a hub for technology innovation,” said Sebastian.

UPDATE: We are very pleased to say that a participant of the NU Teams program has recently joined Banlaw as an Engineer. We look forward to further collaboration with NU Teams during the months ahead.

Fuel management systems Australia specialists Banlaw are the leaders in diesel fuel management systems and fuel security as well as all types of lubricant and chemical fluid inventory management.

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