Introducing DEFMate

The ultimate solution for reliable and affordable Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) transfer

Are you frustrated with the mess, spills or reliability problems that come with your current Diesel Exhaust Fluid fittings? Banlaw’s got your back.

Drawing on our decades of experience, we’ve crafted an affordable DEF transfer solution that’ll help get your diesel exhaust fluid processes running smoothly every time.

AdBlue DEF diesel exhaust fluid fittings that affordably solve your process challenges

DEFMate is Banlaw’s latest innovation in fluid transfer. It is a unique flush-faced coupler that ensures a cleaner and faster process, and won’t break the bank. Let’s take a look at some common DEF / AdBlue problems, and how DEFMate can help you solve them, guaranteed.

Problem 1: "My current DEF fittings leak and seize up, and this stuff's corrosive!"

Ensure your DEF lines are leak free. Banlaw DEF fittings are dry break avoiding spills and sprays

Our DEF quick connect fittings are Dry Break. That means the receiver (on your vehicles) and the nozzle (on your DEF hose) separate into two fluid-tight components. Additionally, DEFMate is made from stainless steel and incorporates chemically compatible seals, ensuring a long serviceable life. Getting DEFMate means no more leaks, spills, or sprays on your worksite.

Problem 2: "Contaminated diesel exhaust fluid is causing downtime and unexpected maintenance costs."

Flush faced DEF hose fittings mean no contamination. Simply wipe and connect

DEFMate incorporates two key features that make it impossible for particulates to build up and get pumped into your machines or for fluid cross-contamination to occur. Firstly, the flush-faced design means there are no large recesses for dirt and grime to accumulate; simply wipe and connect. Second, only matched sets of fittings will affix to each other. With DEFMate, it is not possible to pump DEF into the wrong tank or vice versa.

Problem 3: "It's cold here. DEF freezes up, crystallises, and expands."

Heated DEF receivers help cold climate worksites avoid crystallisation and adblue def dispenser issues

Our DEF Fittings create a closed system for transfers. Limiting temperature fluctuations and exposure to air dramatically reduces the propensity for diesel exhaust fluid to crystallise and impede the functionality of your transfer equipment. What’s more, our optional DEF Receiver Heater extends the operating temperature of DEFMate all the way down to -40°F / -40°C… because we don’t stop when it’s cold either.

Stay tuned! There is a lot more to this story. Banlaw’s DEFMate solution is fully compatible with our tank overfill prevention technologies. We’ll provide you with an update soon about safer automated filling with our FillSafe DEFender!

Banlaw DEF hose fittings are made from stainless steel and incorporate chemically compatible seals to ensure reliable operation

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