Banlaw can help you save time and money on your mine site with safe, accurate and efficient refuelling and refilling. Banlaw provides integrated hydrocarbon management systems, products and expert advice to help mining companies to improve their productivity by reducing fuel loss reducing fuel contamination, as well as ensuring faster, safer refuelling. Fuel is typically the second largest expense on a mine site so you’ll quickly start to see the benefits from maximum tax credits, increased efficiency and reduced maintenance and downtime.
banlaw overall mine site

Banlaw can provide solutions for all the refuelling and fluid transfer needs for your mine site:

We call this approach Unified Fuel Management – saving you time and money through safe, efficient and accurate fuel management from buy to burn.

Our robust products have been used in the mining industry for over 35 years and our engineers have a wealth of mining experience and expertise.

Key Benefits Of Banlaw Products

High Speed Refuelling

  • Up to 1000 L/min (264 G/min)
  • Fast connect and disconnect
  • Reduce HME refuelling time by up to 75%

Contamination Control

  • Dry break connections mean reduced spills
  • Tank overfill prevention
  • Holsters keep nozzles clean
  • Filtration for cleaner engines


  • Check valve receivers to prevent theft from HME
  • Automatic vehicle authorisation to ensure accountability

Fuel Management

  • Fast, accurate data to enable good fuel decisions
  • Automatic reordering
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Compliance
  • Automatic fuel tax credit reports

Measure Fuel Usage With Banlaw Restrack™

Banlaw ResTrack™ is a powerful fuel management system that helps mining companies save money by providing precise monitoring, reconciliation and centralised reporting of fuel usage or other liquid usage.

The fuel management system assists with fuel security, environmental compliance, stock reconciliation, maintenance scheduling, cost analysis, the calculation of burn rates, fuel ordering and rationing as well as compliant measurement for fuel tax credit and carbon trading schemes. It also enables efficient charging of third parties using your refuelling facilities.

The Banlaw fuel management system is ideal for mines because it can be customised to suit one or more sites and a mix of vehicles. It is a fully sealed, fully integrated system that is easy to use and easy to administer.

Banlaw ResTrack™ helps with legislative compliance because it is accredited by the Australian Government’s National Measurement Institute (NMI).