We take immense pride in manufacturing right here in the Hunter Valley, NSW, with our fantastic team!
HubMate Low Profile Service Port and Service Tool. Fits where other parts cannot. Compatible with your existing couplers
Empowering industrial clients globally with fluid resource management solutions and smart, reliable, safe, affordable outcomes.
Currently the only female racer in a field of 50, Charlotte has earned her place among the top drivers in the highly competitive ARC series.
What exactly is a ‘spring setting’? Unlike other dry break fuel system manufacturers, we don’t believe in one size fits all. Our solution is to supply diesel fuel nozzles, receivers, and tank vents in a range of preconfigured settings.
We’ve been creating premium-quality solutions for fluid transfer, measurement, and control for over 40 years. With well over 700 products in this catalogue spanning Refuelling, Fluid Transfer, Overfill Protection, and Fuel Management, we’ve got you covered.
Australian ATO Fuel Tax Credit Calculator. This tool from Banlaw will perform a fuel tax credit calculation for you based on the current fuel tax credit rates from the ATO. Simply enter how many litres your operation uses, how much is for onroad vs. offroad purposes, and what proportion can actually be reconciled to the machine that consumed it.