The Banlaw Grease Transfer Coupling (GTX) represents a step-change in safety and performance. Transferring grease under pressure has long been difficult, messy, dangerous and slow.

The GTX is your solution for removing these issues from the grease transfer process.

Benefits Of The Banlaw Grease Transfer Coupling

banlaw grease transfer coupling

(Patent Pending AU2016901881)

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Ease Of Use

  • ‘Positive connect feel’ helps operators align and connect the couplings easily and without slips.
  • Reduced force required to connect. Only 110 N of force is required, meaning that greasing key machines is not a task only larger members of the team can perform.
  • The Banlaw Grease Transfer Coupling is a ‘connect under pressure’ product. Even with residual pressure in the grease line it can be connected easily.

Optimum Productivity

  • Highest grease transfer rate. During independent review, the Banlaw Grease Transfer Coupling was shown to have flow rates 40% higher than the closest competitor-branded coupling.
  • The Banlaw Grease Transfer Coupling can be connected with residual line pressure. The operator does not have to bleed-off all line pressure before connecting, which helps reduce the overall grease transfer task duration.

Cleaner Workplace

  • The GTX Nozzle and Receiver both include features to cease the flow of product.
  • Grease cannot continue flowing through the Nozzle after it has been disconnected.
  • Grease cannot flow back out through the Receiver after filling is complete.
  • The Nozzle and Receiver have been designed to separate cleanly, meaning that grease stays in your machines, and does not end up in piles on the ground.

Protect Equipment

  • Banlaw is famous for its Flush Face coupling design, and the Grease Transfer Coupling is no different.
  • Nozzles and Receivers exhibiting a Flush Face, are far less likely to allow particulate contaminants into your machines. Operators simply wipe, and connect.
  • There are no deep recesses to capture mud, ore, or other contaminants, which further differentiates the GTX from standard open-bore, or horseshoe-style connectors.
  • Avoiding down-time from contamination-related faults both improves site productivity, and prolongs the life of key machines.

Operator Safety

  • Unlike open-bore products, the Banlaw Grease Transfer Coupling does not allow high pressure grease to be ejected from the Nozzle. Horrific grease injection injuries and operator sprays are a thing of the past on sites which use the Banlaw GTX.
  • When the Grease Transfer Coupling is disconnected, the flow of grease is ceased immediately. This avoids wasted product, but also reduces the slips and falls which often occur in areas where grease transfer activities are undertaken.
  • The Banlaw Grease Transfer Couplings have been built to withstand high pressure applications, and they vastly reduce the risk of injuries to your staff.
banlaw grease transfer coupling

Contact Banlaw if your teams can benefit from a Grease Transfer Coupling which is easier for your operators to use, faster than any other, and safer for your staff as well.

The Banlaw Grease Transfer Coupling (GTX) is part of LubeCentral, our Fluid Transfer product family.

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