Superior Fuel Management Systems, Diesel Storage Tanks and Pumps, Fleet Fuelling Systems and Fluid Transfer Management Capabilities


Solving your DEF/AdBlue transfer problems for good! Cold Temp Ready. Cleaner, Faster, and Safer to use. Built Tough.
HubMate Low Profile Service Port and Service Tool. Fits where other parts cannot. Compatible with your existing couplers
Our LubeCentral range of couplings is designed to fill and evacuate a wide range of fluids. This helps all heavy industries, including mining and rail businesses that want to service key equipment cleanly, and quickly. LubeCentral products have been specifically created for the job. They avoid contamination and cross-contamination of fluids, and maximise flow rates due to engineering design focused on optimising the fluid path.
The Banlaw Grease Transfer Coupling (GTX) represents a step-change in safety and performance. Transferring grease under pressure has long been difficult, messy, dangerous and slow. The GTX is your solution for removing these issues from the grease transfer process.
Banlaw’s fluid evacuation couplings transform waste fluid removal practices. Using just one Coupling, service teams can connect to all the Banlaw Flush Face receivers from size 1 to size 11. Waste products are evacuated using a vacuum rather than gravity to reduce fluid removal times.
Banlaw’s Arctic Range of products enable industrial users of diesel fuels and lubes to keep operating during cold winter months.
The combination of aligned mating surfaces and heavy duty dust caps in Banlaw’s Flush Face range drastically reduces premature component wear. Each size fitting is unique and colour coded to prevent accidental connection. This stops cross contamination between differing fluid types. It is impossible to connect couplings which are not paired. The Flush Face coupling is designed to enable the operator to wipe the coupling faces clean before connecting the transfer hose.