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Banlaw is the only organisation in the world to offer a full portfolio of Refuelling, Fluid Transfer and Overfill Protection equipment tested and certified to function in some of the coldest worksites on the planet.

Banlaw’s Arctic Range of products enable industrial users of diesel fuels and lubes to keep operating during cold winter months. They do this by reducing the complexity of fluid management tasks in severe cold conditions while increasing site productivity, and the safety of staff.

Banlaw Arctic Range products are specifically designed for the management of hydrocarbons and other industrial fluids in sub-zero climates.

Banlaw ‘Arctic Range’ product variants are available in the following categories:

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Overfill Protection Products

Banlaw FillSafeTM Zero is a mechanical tank overfill protection system designed for diesel-powered machines and small to medium storage tanks. It ensures zero pressure build-up in the tank during filling, and automatically ends refuelling at your specified level (no under fills, and no overfills). FillSafe Zero is competitively priced, easy to install, and enables advanced features such as secondary (backup) overfill protection and integrated anti-spill ‘rollover protection’.

overfill protection banlaw products

Due to this product being installed outside on your machines and storage tanks, it has been independently tested to operate at -60°F (-51°C). This corresponds to the MIL-STD-810G ‘Severe Cold (C3)’ climatic design type rating.

Available products include:

  • Flow Control Valves
    • Flow Control Valve – 2” – NPT (M) threaded (diesel flow rates up to 211gpm / 800lpm)
    • Flow Control Valve – 4” – NPT (M) threaded (diesel flow rates up to 264gpm / 1000lpm)
  • Level Sensors
    • Venting Level Sensor (controls system shut-off and vents air at 264gpm / 1000lpm / 2119 SCFH)
    • Non-Venting Level Sensor (used in conjunction with a separate tank vent, such as Banlaw’s patented Ultra Fine Filtered Vent 3µm (abs.))

Visit our FillSafe Zero webpage for further product information.

Refuelling Products

For over 35 years, Banlaw RefuellingTM products have provided users with industry leading flow rates, durability, and operator safety. It is the most reliable Dry Break refuelling equipment on the market. Arctic Range variants are available for fitting-out your vehicles, as well as service trucks and fixed refuelling locations.

arr 010 nozzle refuelling banlaw products

Available products include:

  • Break-Away Valves
    • 2” BAV – NPT or BSPT (M) threaded
    • 3” BAV – NPT or BSPT (M) threaded
  • Dry Break Nozzle Swivels
    • Swivel 2” NPT (M) threaded
    • Swivel 2” NPT (M) to 1-1/2” NPT (F) threaded
  • Dry Break Nozzles
    • Dry Break Refuelling Nozzle 800 Series (211gpm / 800lpm)
    • Dry Break Refuelling Nozzle 1000 Series (264gpm / 1000lpm)
  • Dry Break Receivers
    • Dry Break Receiver 23 Series (211gpm / 800lpm)
    • Dry Break Receiver 43 Series (264gpm / 1000lpm)
  • Tank Vents (211gpm / 800lpm / 1695 SCFH of air)
    • Standard Tank Vents – AUS25 Series
    • Ultra-Fine Filtered Vent – BFV225 Series (incorporating 3µm (abs.) air filtration)

The above-specified Banlaw RefuellingTM hardware has been independently tested to operate at -60°F (-51°C), corresponding to the MIL-STD-810G “Severe Cold (C3)” climatic design type rating. This refuelling equipment has also been tested and independently certified (-40°F / -40°C) under CAN/ULC-S620-07 in accordance with the TSSA latest regulations of the Liquid Fuels Handling Code.

Visit the Banlaw RefuellingTM webpage for additional product information.

Fluid Transfer Products

Banlaw LubeCentralTM products are a selection of fluid transfer and evacuation couplings designed for industrial environments. They feature exceptional durability and flow rate capability, and are now available in Arctic Range variants.

banlaw grease transfer coupling

Banlaw ‘Classic’ couplings offer premium quality materials and design, and come in industry-standard sizes, allowing interchangeability with other-brand connectors.

Banlaw ‘Flush Face’ couplings are of a design unique to Banlaw, and feature:

  • Industry-best flow rates for time-efficient machine servicing
  • Colour coded nozzles and receivers to improve the operator experience
  • Push-to-connect functionality, enabling simple one-handed and gloved operation
  • Banlaw durability (all metal wearing parts and secure ball-lock connection)

Available products include:

  • Flush Face Couplings (BPL series)
    • Flush Face Couplings – Banlaw’s flagship couplers are available with a variety of process connections for integration into liquid dispensing and evacuation systems. They are colour-coded to assist the operator, and only paired couplings will connect. Flush Faced nozzles and receivers limit contaminant ingress, and engineering design focussed on the internal fluid path ensures superior flow characteristics
  • In-Line Transfer
    • Bulk Fluid Transfer Coupling (132gpm / 500lpm bi-directional diesel flow)
  • Grease Transfer
    • Grease Transfer Coupling (GTX) – available with a variety of process connections for seamless integration into grease dispensing systems, and is designed for optimum grease transfer rates. Flush Face design also minimises the opportunity for contamination ingress into the couplers and the fluid stream
  • DEF Transfer
    • DEFMate Coupling (AdBlue/DEF) – Highly reliable DEF quick connect fittings with optional receiver heater to avoid diesel exhaust fluid crystallisation on even the coldest worksites.
  • Classic Couplings
    • Crankcase, Hydraulic, Coolant, and Transmission Couplings (common industry styles)

Banlaw Fluid Transfer couplings have been independently tested and certified to operate at -40°F (-40°C), corresponding to the MIL-STD-810G ‘Cold (C2)’ climatic design type rating.

Visit the Banlaw Fluid Transfer webpage to learn more.

banlaw refuelling™ products being tested at -60°f (-51°c)

(Banlaw ReFuelling™ products being tested at -60°F (-51°C). The operator’s hair is frozen solid!)

Banlaw Arctic Range products:

  • Will not seize up and become inoperable on the cold days
  • Will not cause leaks and environmental hazards (e.g. liquid spills)
  • Will limit the time that operators are exposed to the elements (due to efficiency gains realised when Banlaw products are implemented)

Deployable range:

  • Down to -60°F (-51°C) for Banlaw FillSafe™ Zero and Banlaw ReFuelling™ products, and -40°F (-40°C) for Banlaw LubeCentral™ products
  • Up to 131°F (55°C) for all products – higher operating temperatures possible for certain offerings (please contact Banlaw)

Banlaw Arctic Range; because we don’t stop when it’s cold either.

Our entire cold temperature range of products uses seals incorporating elastomers which are rated for use beyond -76°F (-60°C).

Installing proven Banlaw products on your site, simply means you’ve got one less thing to worry about when temperatures are extreme.

Extreme cold temperature testing to MIL-STD-810 was conducted at Dayton T. Brown (DTB Test, NY), a highly respected and experienced testing laboratory within the USA.

Banlaw Arctic range offerings can be used year-round. They are perfect for sites exposed to an extreme range of temperatures.

Ideally suited to even the most extreme conditions.

Enables positive environmental management – no leaks or spills from fittings.

Extreme Climate Products »

If you are looking for extreme temperature solutions for Fuel Management, then Banlaw can support your requirements as part of an FMS project. Please Contact Banlaw to discuss your requirements.

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