Capture and analyse usage and consumption for every fuel-consuming asset automatically

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"Capturing engine hours and odometer readings automatically is a huge help for us. We now have complete and accurate data, without needing to climb into every single machine to get it. We’re looking after a large fleet of mining machines, and now we can focus on leveraging fleet insights instead of data capture."

Enable Preventative, Condition-Based, and Predictive Maintenance processes:

The Banlaw OBD Collector gathers key machine utilisation data such as power, vibration, GPS coordinates, and CANBUS. These datapoints are then transmitted wirelessly to a Banlaw Fuel Management Controller, prior to upload and analysis within our ResTrack RMS Software.


  • Helps you maximise the productivity of every machine in your operation, with reporting that delivers targeted insights on fuel burn rates, running time, harsh driving, and maintenance scheduling
  • Pinpoint fuel waste, with comparisons of fuel dispensed to the amount of work delivered by fleet, vehicle, shift, staff member, etc (various ID methods available)
  • Enable process efficiencies through automated data collection, analysis, notifications, and insights reporting
  • Deploy a single process that works seamlessly across heavy and light vehicles, on-road fleets, as well as stationary machines
  • Realise the savings and productivity gains without paying for the upgrade immediately. A cost-efficient rental arrangement is available for Banlaw OBD Collector deployments
Banlaw's automated engine hours and odometer data capture and analysis solution.

What if this could be achieved automatically, with no human intervention at all?

Automated Data Capture

Predictive Insights

Plug-And-Play Installation

Avoid Expensive Break-Downs

One Solution – All Machine Types

Targeted Maintenance Scheduling

Control Fuel Theft

Equipment Where It’s Needed, When It’s Needed

Rent or Buy Options

Accurate information to act upon

Visibility across the business for simplified maintenance scheduling based on actual equipment use
Identify and eliminate fuel theft
Use changing fuel burn rates to optimise maintenance costs - avoid expensive surprises
Spot underutilised assets

Simple Heavy Vehicle Install

Simple Light Vehicle Install

Manually capturing engine hours by climbing into every vehicle, writing numbers down by hand, and entering the data into another system... is a huge waste of time, and prone to mistakes.

Remove the human effect!

Heavy Vehicle kit with J1939 connectors

Light Vehicle kit with ODB connectors

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