Heavy equipment typically operates in dusty, dirty conditions and a generic Quick-Fill tank vent has no means of preventing airborne contamination entering a tank. The Banlaw Filtered Vent comes with a serviceable air filter within the vent cap. This filter protects against particles entering the tank via the vent, and thus entering the fuel system of the equipment. The service life of OEM fuel filters is extended, reducing the risk of blocked filters and equipment downtime.

Features Of Banlaw’s High Quality Filter Elements

  • 10μm nominal rating or 3μm absolute rating
  • Triple layer multi density foam
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Positive seal between mating surfaces
  • Field serviceable
  • High flow capability with low restriction
  • High retention capacity & extended service life.
Fine Filtered 3μm tank vent for fast fuel systems

(3μm Fine Filtered Vent – BFV225)

Filtered 10μm tank vent for fast fuel systems

(10μm Filtered Vent – BP125)

Fine Filtered Vent

A complete vent assembly with all the key functions integrated into the one product

The integrated Banlaw Ultra-Fine Filtered Vent greatly reduces the unwanted ingress of dust and other particles into the fuel tank via air flow, especially during fuel usage. With modern and up coming diesel engines calling for a low level of particulates in their fuel before performance and engine life is compromised, the Banlaw Ultra-Fine Filtered Vent has been designed fit for purpose.

Key Benefits

  • Maintaining low emissions
  • Maintaining engine performance
  • Optimising fuel efficency
  • Reducing maintenance intervals of fuel filters


  • Suitable for flat or round top fuel tanks
  • Vapor relief pressure approximately: 110 kPa (Red cap) and 49kPa (Green cap)
  • Minimum 3/4” N.B. throughout
  • 1/16” bleed hole
  • Splash tube (except on Rail spec vents)
  • 2” NPT male tapered threads
  • ‘O’ Ring seals provide reliable & extended service
  • Relief valve exhaust bypasses filter element
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