Dry Break Fuel Coupling – Break Away Valves

Spill Free Drive-Away Protection Solution

A breakaway valve is also called a safety breakaway coupling. Banlaw provide 2" abd 3" BAVs in a range of thread types.

Banlaw’s Break Away Valves are designed to fracture when a specific amount of lateral stress is applied. This means that should a vehicle drive-away during refuelling, the valve assembly will separate into two Dry Break components. This minimises spills, avoids fires, and stops expensive refuelling and fuel management hardware being dragged off and destroyed when a drive-away occurs.

The Break Away Valve is a dry break fuel coupling that prevents fuel from spilling from either the delivery line, or the hose (which is still connected to the vehicle).

Product Catalogue

Break Away Valves (BAVs) are only part of Banlaw’s drive-away protection solution. Our Fuel Management System is often deployed with visual or audio queues to ensure that operators know when a machine is connected to the refuelling hardware. Our Dry Break Couplings for refuelling and splash-fill refuelling nozzles both include proximity sensors inside the nozzle holsters to enable these additional safety features.

One feature unique to Banlaw’s Break Away Valves, is that some models support the transfer of data for use with an automatic vehicle identification system.


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