Superior Fuel Management Systems, Diesel Storage Tanks and Pumps, Fleet Fuelling Systems and Fluid Transfer Management Capabilities


HubMate Low Profile Service Port and Service Tool. Fits where other parts cannot. Compatible with your existing couplers
We’ve been creating premium-quality solutions for fluid transfer, measurement, and control for over 40 years. With well over 700 products in this catalogue spanning Refuelling, Fluid Transfer, Overfill Protection, and Fuel Management, we’ve got you covered.
A dry break coupling used in diesel refuelling or service fluid transfer management is designed to ensure safe and spill-free filling.
What is Flow Meter Calibration and why do you need it? Accurately measure and track your fuel and other high-value fluids.
The Paris agreement saw 195 nations taking a collective pledge to proactively combat climate change. This commitment to reduce emissions has resulted in significant reforms and compliance requirements across many vital industries.
Our receivers are manufactured from stainless steel and other fit-for-purpose materials, to offer industry leading performance, safety & durability.
Banlaw’s Break Away Valves are designed to fracture when a specific amount of lateral stress is applied. This means that should a vehicle drive-away during refuelling, the valve assembly will separate into two Dry Break components. This minimises spills, avoids fires, and stops expensive refuelling and fuel management hardware being dragged off and destroyed when a drive-away occurs.
Banlaw has a range of robust diesel tank vents built from high-grade materials for strength and durability to suit any operating conditions. Our diesel tank vent system provides overfill protection by determining the refuelling system’s shut off level. The vent mechanism seals the fuel tank when it is full, and prevents diesel spillage or leakage from the tank.
We design, engineer and manufacture a range of high performance diesel refuelling components including dry break nozzles, dry break receivers, vents and dust caps. Our products are designed and built for reliability and performance, and used in some of the harshest work environments around the world. Our Dry Break Nozzles are made from steel and aluminium and are ergonomically designed for easy and balanced operation even under high pump pressures. Banlaw dry break nozzles have the highest flow rate capability to help you improve diesel refuelling times and reduce vehicle downtime.