Remote Tank Breather

Our Remote Tank Breather prevents damaging airborne contaminants from entering fuel tanks and other fluid storages. It is unique in that it vents at 1,000lpm, and also filters incoming air at 1,000lpm (35.3cfm of air).

This product is perfect for service truck bulk storages, and other tanks where incoming air needs to be filtered at a high rate, due to service fluids or diesel being rapidly dispensed from the tank.

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  • Excludes airborne particles 3μm or larger
  • Lasts between service intervals when installed on a vehicle fuel tank (2,000 machine hours)
  • Only incoming air is filtered. The Remote Breather vents air through a separate port as the tank is filled
    • Maximising fuelling efficiency
    • Extending filter life
    • Ensuring blocked filters cannot cause tank over-pressurisation
  • Visual ‘filter condition indicator fitted (electronic also available)
  • Complies with requirements from leading engine manufacturers for ultra clean fuel. Will not void engine warranty


  • Compatible with Banlaw and other-brand unfiltered vents
  • Compatible with Banlaw Venting Level Sensor (overfill protection system component)
  • Supports refuelling at 1,000lpm (exhausts up to 60m3/hr of air)
  • Filters incoming air at up to 1,000lpm (incoming air must be filtered at the same rate that fuel or service fluids are being dispensed from a storage tank)