Check Valve Receiver

Your fuel stores are a precious asset, representing an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars – in many cases, much more. To maintain control of your diesel fuel from Buy to Burn it is essential to have appropriate hardware controls, such as our check valve receiver, along with a fuel management system for controlling access, visibility, and reporting.


What is a Check Valve Receiver?

Our Check Valve Receiver is a high flow dry break diesel fuel receiver in the industry-standard size, but tougher, and with enhanced fuel security built-in.

Banlaw Check Valve Receiver for Dry Break Fuel Systems

What does our Check Valve Receiver do?

Banlaw’s Check Valve Receiver eliminates the risk of diesel fuel theft via the fill point on mobile equipment and stationary plant. The receiver front-end is a robust stainless steel component that will work with all the common brands of quick fill diesel fuel nozzles. Behind the front-end, a check valve is integrated into the rear of the receiver body. The check valve has been designed with an optimised fluid path to enable quick and reliable equipment refuelling, but it will not allow diesel to flow back out of the fill point.

What are the benefits?

Banlaw’s Check Valve Receiver provides several benefits over and above being a physical upgrade to diesel fuel security on your worksite:

  • Avoids fuel theft from the tank fill point.
  • Improves fuelling efficiency with an optimised flow path that reduces ‘pressure drop’, and lessens the chance of premature nozzle shut-off from pressure-sensitive refuelling nozzles.
  • Simplifies fuel tank maintenance. The tank does not need to be drained first when it’s time to replace the fuel receiver front-end.
  • All-of-life-cycle savings. Only the receiver front-end gets replaced during routine maintenance, minimising the cost of component replacements. Furthermore, being a hard-wearing stainless steel product from Banlaw, the Check Valve Receiver front-end itself lasts much longer than some other brand receivers, which are made from softer materials.
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What versions of this product are available?

As standard, our Check Valve Receiver represents a significant fuel security upgrade to worksites that use dry break couplings for quick fill diesel refuelling. Product variants are also available with Auto ID technology integrated within the fuel receiver, and Extreme Climate/Arctic Range models are also available.

Auto ID Check Valve Receiver product variants

Installing Auto ID fuel receivers on your heavy vehicles and plant enables 100% validation of the fuel dispensed to the asset that actually consumed it. The Auto ID version of this product is a connected device, which integrates automatically with Banlaw’s ResTrack Fuel Management System. With an Auto ID Check Valve Receiver installed, not only do you avoid fuel from being removed from the tank fill point, you also allow your site Fuel Management System to decide how many gallons or litres this particular machine and operator should be issued. It’s the gold standard in fuel security.

Extreme Climate Check Valve Receiver product variants

Banlaw’s extreme climate products have seals with elastomers designed to function in severe cold conditions. Our extreme climate diesel refuelling products have been independently tested to operate at -60°F (-51°C).


Banlaw’s Check Valve Receiver is designed for diesel flowrates up to 800 LPM (211 GPM). For more detail about this product please refer to this flyer, or contact a specialist at Banlaw.

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