Banlaw ResTrack™ Advanced Controller

Are you looking for a solution that can manage liquids for your entire fuel farm or maintenance facility? Unlimited storage tanks? Many dispensing nozzles?
Do you require automated security, access control, monitoring, and reconciliation of fluids?
Banlaw Advanced Controller

It's called the Advanced Controller for a reason…

The Advanced Controller is Banlaw’s most feature-rich, enterprise-class fuel management product. It is the critical on-site component in a premium liquid asset management solution. If you are looking to unlock the maximum value from the fluids you purchase, then this field controller is the one with all the bells and whistles.

Advanced Controller Key Benefits

Advanced Controller -
Gain automatic Access Control, Security Management and Monitoring of your High-Value Liquid Resources. Leverage our patented Auto ID Technologies.
Advanced Controller -
Unlock advanced equipment insights by wirelessly gathering odometer and engine hours data using the Banlaw On-Board Device.
Advanced Controller -
Control up to 16 different Unloading, Fluid Transfer, or Fuel Dispensing functions, plus any number of bulk fluid storages, with just one Advanced Controller.
Advanced Controller -
Mitigate process risk with visual or audible cues for the operator, such as automated stop lights when refuelling is in progress.
Advanced Controller -
Measure fluid moves and tank levels in real-time, with reliable, temperature-compensated measurements (>99.5% accuracy).
Advanced Controller -
Expect superior lifetime value, from equipment designed to withstand the harsh operating environments found on industrial work sites.
Banlaw Advanced Controller

Do you want to automate your refuelling and tank management processes to enhance productivity, promote workplace safety and reduce fuel waste? Download a Banlaw Resource Management Brochure to see how we can help you achieve these outcomes.

Banlaw Resource Management Brochure

Product overview

Each Advanced Controller manages an impressive 16 fluid transfer or dispensing functions, as well as Automatic Tank Gauging for any number of bulk storage tanks.

It manages traditional unloading, quick fill, and splash fill refuelling hardware and also integrates with Banlaw’s proprietary Auto ID technologies for enhanced insights and 100% validation to the fuel-consuming asset.

The Advanced Controller interfaces with our ResTrack RMS Liquid Resource Management Software to ensure you get secure anytime, anywhere, any device notifications and administrative controls. Our ResTrack RMS Software also provides accurate reporting, productivity benchmarking, and enhanced business insights.

Banlaw Controller Comparison

If your requirements are a little simpler, then consider one of the following Field Controllers instead

Advanced Controller -

Advanced Controller Features

>  Up to 16 Fluid Transfer Points (1 to manage each fluid transfer function, such as tanker unloading, bulk transfers, or refuelling nozzles)

> Up to 16 Equipment Auto ID / Vehicle Identification functions

Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) – real-time Tank Level Monitoring for any number of storage tanks

> Temperature correction to API 2540, configurable for all standard fuels and oils; plus crude oil, gasses, lube oil

Full pump and ball-valve control

Ball-valve feedback (open/close status) and power loss alarm for valve close out (fluid security)

>  Manual Identification of users and equipment via Keypad, Fob, and Employee Swipe Cards

>  Automated Identification of fuel-consuming assets via Dry Break Auto ID Nozzles, Splash Fill Auto ID Nozzles, and Long Range Auto ID technologies

>  Padlockable cabinet for appropriate fluid security

>  Supports remote login, configuration, and troubleshooting

>  Near-limitless data storage for fleet information, fluid transactions, and tank levels

>  Offline data storage download of transactions (when not connected to a network)

>  Optional receipt/docket printer

>  Colour touch screen (projected capacitive), 10.4”, suitable for use with gloved hands in heavy-industrial environments, 4mm chemically hardened glass

>  Sunlight readable and UV-rated

>  Volume display in Gallons or Litres

>  Automatic and manual transaction menus

>  Fuel delivery menu

>  Real-time tank level display of multiple tanks on the same screen, at the same time

>  The system continues to work optimally whilst offline

>  Ethernet

>  Wi-Fi

>  3G / 4G

>  24V DC

>  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ensures fluid security and no loss of transaction data

Humidity 10%-90%

>  Resilient to vibration and shock

>  Ingress protection IP65

>  Operating temperature -25°C/-13°F to 50°C/122°F

>  Controller compliant with UL508A, AS3000, AS3007, MDG15

>  Optional Electrical Distribution Panel (EDP) compliant with UL508A, AS3000, AS3007

>  450mm (W) x 628mm (H) x 239mm (D) (17.7” x 24.7” x 9.4”)

Banlaw Resource Management Brochure

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