Banlaw provides a wide range of Auto ID refuelling equipment and user identification hardware as part of an integrated RFID Fuel Management System.

Automatically identifying employees and machines, and authorising appropriate access to industrial fluids enables safety improvements, process efficiencies, and unmatched levels of fuel security.


RFID Fuel Management System with Auto ID Refuelling Hardware -

RFID Fuel Management System Nozzles: BNMF800 (800lpm/211gpm) and BNF1000 (1000lpm/264gpm)


For automated vehicle identification, we offer Auto ID Dry Break and Auto ID Splash Fill refuelling products, as well as Long Range RFID technology. For user identification we provide Keychain/Fob/iButton, or Employee Card RFID technology, as well as keypads for manual pin entry.

Intelligent machine identification is enabled by placing a permanent RFID chip on the vehicle, generator, etc. For detailed information about Banlaw’s RFID Fuel Management System capabilities, please refer to the Fuel Management Brochure on our Downloads Page.


Dry Break Auto ID

Banlaw are the world’s only OEM of Auto ID technology integrated into the Dry Break refuelling hardware.

Machine identification comes from a direct physical connection between the nozzle and the RFID chip within the receiver. It cannot be faked. You can’t start refuelling one machine and then begin refuelling another, because the ID signal would be lost, and the transaction stopped. It’s very secure. Additionally, because the RFID technology is installed ‘inside the refuelling hardware’. It cannot be broken or smashed-off due to the rigors of operating in an industrial environment.

RFID Fuel Management System with Auto ID Refuelling Hardware -

Splash Fill Auto ID

For Splash Fill refuelling, the RFID chip is installed with an antenna ring around the fill point, and the reader is connected to the refuelling nozzle so they come into close proximity during refuelling. Machine identification data is then transmitted wirelessly to the Field Controller.

Our Splash Fill equipment is suitable for diesel, gasoline, and ULP. Splash fill readers and rings are also really easy to retrofit onto your existing refuelling hardware and machines.

RFID Fuel Management System with Auto ID Refuelling Hardware -
Product Catalogue

RFID Fuel Management System Products:


Dry Break Auto ID

Splash Fill Auto ID

  • Nozzles
  • Readers
  • Rings
  • Wireless Gateways

Long Range RFID

  • Vehicle Fobs
  • RFID Fuel Management Comm’s Devices

User Identification

  • Employee ID Cards
  • Keychain / Fob / iButton
  • Keypad / Manual Pin Entry

Identification Methods:

  • Keypad / Manual Pin Entry
  • Employee Card
  • Keychain / Fob / iButton
  • HV integrated Auto ID
  • LV wireless Auto ID
  • Long Range RFID


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