Secure Auto ID Refuelling and Fluid Transfer

Our Auto ID refuelling and fluid transfer technologies enable users of industrial fluids to manage access to fuels and oils; and to do so securely, seamlessly, and automatically.

Do you need to transfer the correct amount, of the correct fluid, into the correct machine?

Auto ID refuelling and fluid transfer technologies enable your fuel management system to:

  • Identify the fluid consuming asset
  • Decide whether a machine and user are allowed access
  • Decide which fluid may be dispensed into which tank
  • Decide how many gallons or litres may be dispensed
  • Enable ball valves and pumps
  • Monitor the security of fluid transfers, and terminate filling if a secure machine ID signal is lost


Automatically tying the equipment identity to every transaction provides complete visibility of fluids consumed by each machine. Auto ID dramatically improves security and reconciliation accuracy, and does away with manual processes and human error.

Banlaw SecureFillTM Auto ID

Banlaw Auto ID Solutions

Banlaw has long been known for integrated diesel refuelling and fuel management technologies that deliver industry-best security.

100% validation to the fuel-consuming asset

Our Auto ID product range is constantly evolving. We continually come up with new ideas to simplify onsite processes, and then develop and integrate these cutting edge technologies for superior fluid transfer management.

Banlaw Auto ID kits are available to suit high-flow diesel filling (dry break couplings), low to medium rate transfer of all fluids (splash fill fuel nozzles), and long-range RFID applications. We also support a range of other user and equipment identification processes, such as pin numbers, vehicle fobs, and employee ID cards.

SecureFill Auto ID Refuelling Fleet Fuel Management Solution and RFID Fuel Management System products
SecureFill Auto ID Refuelling products from Banlaw deliver enhanced Fuel Security and Fluid Transfer Management. Meet our Dry Break Wireless Swivel
A patented, world first, wireless refuelling technology to make fuel management system
security easier to install, maintain, and afford for businesses of all sizes.
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Dry Break Auto ID

Our proprietary solution for heavy vehicle diesel refuelling is quite simply the most secure technology embedded within the most robust diesel fuel nozzles, receivers, and swivels.

The system comprises a Dry Break Receiver affixed to the diesel tank inlet or remote filling point. The fuel receiver has an ID chip inside, which is used to identify the vehicle/machine. When correctly coupled with a Banlaw Auto ID Dry Break Nozzle, the direct contact between nozzle and receiver passes the ID signal through to the swivel. The Wireless Swivel then transmits this machine identity signal to the local Fuel Management Controller.

Banlaw’s patented Dry Break Auto ID solution represents the pinnacle in high-flow diesel fuel security technologies.

Key Features:

  • Robust. All machine identification components are protected within the refuelling hardware, where they cannot be tampered with or broken off due to the rigours of use on an industrial worksite.
  • Secure. The nozzle and receiver must be coupled for the Auto ID signal to be received. If the nozzle and receiver are disconnected for any reason, then refuelling stops, the ID signal is lost, and the dry break refuelling coupling separates into two discrete fluid-tight components. You cannot ‘trick’ our Dry Break Auto ID hardware into filling a non-approved vessel.
  • Easy to maintain. Banlaw Dry Break Auto ID products are designed to be dependable and easy to maintain. Wireless Swivels are quick and easy to install, making fuel management system upgrades and repairs a simple affair. For maintenance; Wireless Swivels just need to have a new assembly (including battery) strapped on every couple of years. Dry Break Auto ID Nozzles are fully repairable by your local Banlaw nozzle repairer. Sometimes our diesel refuelling nozzles last decades with regular maintenance.

Dry Break Auto ID System Components:

  • Dry Break Receiver – fuel receiver with integrated machine ID chip.
  • Dry Break Nozzle – fuel nozzle with integrated direct-contact machine identification components.
  • Wireless Swivel – battery-operated device that wirelessly transmits a machine ID signal to your onsite fuel management controller. Battey life is around 2 years with normal use.
  • Note: Wired versions of our Dry Break Auto ID products are available on request. Our FillSafe tank overfill prevention products are also available with Auto ID receivers preinstalled.
Banlaw Dry Break Auto ID Fleet Fuel Management Solution

Splash Fill Auto ID

Our Splash Fill Auto ID technology is perfect for filling tanks at low to medium flow rates using the standard fuel tank filler neck. It is flexible enough to work with a wide range of fluids and can be affixed to all the most commonly encountered fuel nozzles.

Banlaw’s Splash Fill Auto ID solution is commonly installed in refuelling areas for buses, trucks, commercial fleets, construction vehicles, as well as to fill smaller quarrying and mining equipment.

Our Splash Fill Auto ID system includes an RFID Tag which is affixed to the fuel tank filler neck. This RFID Tag has a chip inside, which identifies the vehicle, tank, or stationary asset. The refuelling nozzle must be fitted with a Nozzle Chip Reader. The RFID Tag on the tank, is identified by the Nozzle Chip Reader using extreme close-proximity RFID. The equipment ID signal is then transmitted wirelessly to a Gateway Terminal adjacent to the onsite fuel management controller.

Key Features

  • Simple to retrofit or upgrade. No specialist skills are required to fit or maintain our Splash Fill Auto ID products. Vehicle Tags are simply mounted beside the fuel tank filler neck on each machine in a location that provides the most reliable ID signal during filling. The Wireless Nozzle Chip Reader can be provided preinstalled on ZVA, OPW, Husky and other nozzles supplied by Banlaw. Alternatively, the Nozzle Reader unit comes as a kit, which can be screwed to your existing fuel nozzles in just a few minutes.
  • Secure. Our Splash Fill Auto ID technology relies on close proximity RFID, making it extremely difficult to ‘trick’ the system and put fluid into an unapproved vessel. The fuel nozzle must be properly inserted into the fuel tank filler neck before the equipment ID signal is captured and transmitted to the onsite fuel management controller. The ID signal (or lack thereof) is transmitted to the fuel management system every 2.2 seconds. If the nozzle is removed from the fuel tank filler neck, the equipment ID signal is lost, and the fluid transfer transaction is terminated. Splash Fill Vehicle Tags also come with an optional anti-tamper feature, which will render a tag inoperable should a person seek to move a tag from an approved vehicle, to an unapproved tank.

Splash Fill Auto ID System Components:

  • Splash Fill Vehicle Tag – Passive RFID tag (no battery), which is installed adjacent to each fuel tank filler neck.
  • Splash Fill Nozzle Reader – Battery operated device installed on the refuelling nozzle to energise the vehicle tag, read the unique machine identification code, and transmit this code via a gateway to the fuel management system. Batteries last around 3 years with normal use.
  • Wireless Gateway Terminal – Receives machine ID signals from fuel nozzles fitted with Splash Fill Nozzle Readers and delivers this unique chip information into the fuel management system.
Banlaw Splash Fill Auto ID Fleet Fuel Management Solution

Long Range RFID

Banlaw’s Long Range RFID solution is all about process simplification. Sometimes it is incredibly beneficial for a process to identify a machine, rather than a specific tank. Examples might include a Service Truck that carries 9 different types of fuels, lubricants, and service fluids. Often, such a vehicle may need to be filled simultaneously with diesel via an API coupling, with oil via another bulk transfer fitting, and with a specific weight worth of grease. Enabling fluid transfers such as these automatically, avoids operators needing to interact with the fuel management system repeatedly for authorisation. Long Range RFID is also perfect when a range of different fluid transfer coupling styles must to be used, such as in a vehicle maintenance area.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Fluid Transfer Management. Whether you need to use API couplings to unload a tanker or quick couplers in your vehicle maintenance area, any fluid transfer transaction can be authorised, metered, and captured based on the proximity of the machine to be filled.
  • Simultaneous Processes. When machine servicing is underway, mechanics may need to access a range of oils, coolant, DEF, greases and other fluids. The last thing they want to do is repeatedly interact with a fuel management controller for each top-up. Long Range RFID effectively overcomes this challenge, whilst also ensuring fluid transfers are effectively tracked.
  • Less-Robust Security. Designing appropriate processes and fluid access rules is especially important with Long Range RFID processes. While Long Range RFID excels from a process flexibility standpoint, it is worth noting that simply having a vehicle present could allow access to multiple fluids, without absolute surety they are being used for the correct purpose. For industry-best fuel security, Banlaw recommends our Dry Break and Splash Fill Auto ID solutions instead.

Long Range RFID System Components:

  • Equipment RFID Tag – Battery-powered Long Range RFID Vehicle Tags are available for installation inside a vehicle. A more robust industrial version is suitable for installation on the outside of a vehicle. These devices transmit a unique vehicle identification code up to 40 metres / 130 feet to a local RFID Base Station. The expected battery life of our Equipment RFID Tags is around 5 years.
  • RFID Base Station – Receives machine ID signals from vehicles (or plant, etc) fitted with Equipment RFID Tags and delivers these unique identifiers into the fuel management system.
Banlaw Long Range RFID Fuel Management Solution for Fleets

Built for Industrial Worksites

Banlaw SecureFillTM solutions are designed to work reliably on some of the worlds toughest worksites. We know that it’s hot, cold, dusty, wet, dangerous, corrosive, and more. We design our products from inception with this in mind. If you need an Auto ID solution suitable for extreme climates, explosive atmospheres, or certified for use in multiple parts of the world, then contact a Banlaw specialist. We’re here to help.

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What is an RFID Fuel Management System?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a widely used method of identifying objects. Electromagnetic fields are used to transmit an identifying signal to a receiver. These systems require extremely low amounts of power, and batteries can last for years. The use of RFID in a fuel management system turns vehicles into connected devices, allowing captured data such as fuel consumption to be tied to a machine and then analysed across fleets for far reaching business insights. Having absolute assurance on which machine is being provided with fluid access also unlocks superior fuel security. A smart fuel management system will ensure that only the correct amount, of the correct fluid, is transferred into the correct machine. Say goodbye to fuel theft, say goodbye to cross-contamination, and say goodbye to complicated processes.

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