Flow Meter Calibration

What is Flow Meter Calibration?

Flow meters play a central role in measuring the amount of fuel and other liquid resources that are moved during fluid transfers. Hence, they are vital to knowing exactly how much of a resource your company purchases and consumes during daily operations.

Over time, even the most robust flow meters can become ‘out of calibration’ due to general wear-and-tear, and external factors associated with the demands of industrial worksites. When this occurs, flow meters no longer provide accurate measurements, making it impossible to accurately track resource use, reconcile accounts, or manage your high-value liquids for optimised business outcomes. Regular Flow Meter Calibration is essential.

Flow Meter Calibration requires a comparison of the measurements provided by your flow meter to a standardised measurement device, and making the adjustments necessary to bring your meter within manufacturers specifications.

Banlaw service teams leverage a complete Diesel Flow Meter Calibration System with air elimination, to ensure you achieve total confidence in the accuracy of your Liquid Resource Management Processes. Our calibration service also delivers valuable feedback on your metering system’s general condition, including observations of any abnormalities or defects.

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Benefits of Flow Meter Calibration

Flow Meter Calibration - flow meter calibration

Deliver Positive ROI

When purchasing high-value liquids such as fuels and maintenance fluids, even small errors in flow meter measurements can cost a company millions of dollars each year.

Calibrating your delivery flow meters helps ensure you are receiving all the fluids you pay for. Calibrating your dispensing flow meters helps ensure the correct amount, of the correct liquid, goes into the correct machine. Regular Calibration is mandatory in custody-transfer scenarios.

The relatively small cost of Calibrating your flow meters represents an excellent ROI in light of the significant savings gained by ensuring correct resource delivery and dispensing volumes, as well as accurate, actionable reporting. 

Enhance Life of Equipment

By regularly Calibrating your flow meters, Banlaw technicians can identify underlying issues with your infrastructure before any costly damage occurs. Taking a preventative maintenance approach reduces the risk of equipment failure and unplanned downtime events. Regular servicing also aligns with OEM maintenance requirements and prolongs the life of flow meters and associated hardware.   

Meet Industry Standards

Many countries have governing bodies that specify legally enforceable rules for the measurement and custody transfer of high-value liquids. In Australia, the National Measurement Institute requires that flow meters be regularly inspected. The current industry standard calls for annual Calibration, because flow meters play such a key role in custody transfer processes. Banlaw service teams deliver an NMI certified calibration process that is suitable for many countries and many industries. This means you can be confident that your business is compliant. 

Maximise Fuel Tax Credits & Government rebates

Regular flow meter calibration, and quality Resource Management Software allows you to report accurate and audit-ready data to your regional governing authority. In different countries this ability to report dramatically affects either the buy price of fuel consumed by off-road vehicles, or government rebates/credits when reporting is complete. Improving the correctness of your metering and reporting processes ensures your business can claim it’s full entitlement. 

Manage your resources effectively

Using analytics to help manage high-value liquids and the fleets that consume them, is meaningless if the data obtained is not trustworthy. Flow Meter Calibration ensures the data at your fingertips is accurate enough, that you can make informed business decisions and generate reports that provide valuable insights.

Flow Meter Calibration Service

Banlaw’s Flow Meter Calibration service helps users of industrial fluids minimise waste, extend the life of fluid transfer hardware, and meet mandatory reporting requirements in the countries they operate. Accurate and automated access to fluid transfer data contributes to profitability, and dramatically reduces administrative burden.

The Banlaw Difference

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