Excavator Kits - FillSafe Zero -
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Example FillSafe Zero Excavator Kit - Hitachi EX5500

Excavator Kits - FillSafe Zero -

Pressureless, Mechanical Tank Overfill Protection Solutions for Excavators

Banlaw’s FillSafe Zero Flow Control Valves, Level Sensors, and Pilot Lines are the perfect safe filling solution for Excavators.

Key system components can be mixed-and-matched to deal with all the usual idiosyncrasies related to tank architecture, fill speed, and site refuelling processes.

Do your excavators need to include machine ID technologies for your site fuel management system? No problem.

For maximised refuelling speeds, fire-safe installation, and additional safety features suited to critical machines you may also consider our FillSafe Power overfill protection solution for large mining excavators.

Contact a specialist at Banlaw for the appropriate FillSafe Zero kit, drawings, and installation instructions for your machines.

FillSafe Brochure

Pressureless Overfill Protection Refuelling Solutions

Product Catalogue

Over 500 products designed for heavy industry and guaranteed to work

Common FillSafe Zero deployments for Excavators

  • Caterpillar 330
  • Caterpillar 345
  • Caterpillar 365
  • Caterpillar 385
  • Hitachi ZX210-3LC
  • Hitachi EX3600 & EX3600-6
  • Hitachi EX2500 & EX2500i
  • Hitachi EX1900
  • Hitachi EX1200
  • Hitachi EX5500
  • Hitachi ZX670LCH
  • Hitachi ZX870LCH
  • Hitachi ZX300LC
  • Hitachi 20T
  • Komatsu PC2000
  • Komatsu PC3000-6
  • Komatsu PC4000-6
  • Komatsu PC5500-6
  • Komatsu PC7000-6
  • Komatsu PC8000-6
  • Liebherr 996
  • O&K RH340B
  • Terex RH170
  • Terex RH340

Got an uncommon scenario? No Problem! Contact Banlaw to discuss your situation.

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