Diesel Tank Vents

Diesel tank vents play an important role in keeping fuel fresh and engines running smoothly. These devices are critical in preventing the build-up of dangerous vapours that can lead to explosions.

The application of exhaust gases from diesel engines can create several problems for anyone living and operating in the vicinity. In many cases, these problems are easy to spot. Fortunately, most of the issues can be eliminated through proper ventilation and sealing. An effective ventilation system is critical to the transfer or storage of bulk diesel.

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What are Diesel Tank Vents and What do They Do?

Diesel tank vents are a type of exhaust gas-reducing device that is designed to eliminate the most common problems associated with diesel fumes. This can be as simple as adding an exhaust gas vent to your fleet’s vehicles. A diesel tank vent can have many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common. They condense the gases before they enter the atmosphere, which means you will be able to eliminate or reduce some of the health risks associated with diesel fumes.

To have an effective ventilation system that eliminates all the harmful fumes, install diesel tank vents to your entire fleet. Banlaw diesel tank vents also reduce your operating costs by reducing fuel consumption. Banlaw vents are available in unfilteredfiltered, and fine-filtered variants. A remote tank breather is also available. Its diesel tank vent method recognises the refuelling system shut off level and offers overfill prevention. When the fuel tank is full, the vent mechanism secures it, preventing spills or leaks of diesel from the tank.

The vents are designed to manage flow rates to complement the nozzle and the receiver setup. The small amount of pressure in the tank at shut off is dispersed and the tank is quickly returned to atmospheric pressure.

Install Diesel Tank Vents

Installing a diesel-powered ventilation system is a relatively easy process. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • You must have an appropriate permit.
  • Check that there is enough free space around the new vent to allow for proper air circulation.
  • Consider installing a sign warning people in your vicinity of the risks associated with breathing in exhaust fumes from diesel engines.
  • Ensure that the vents are properly installed and fully functional before you begin using them.

The Benefits of Installing Diesel Tank Vents

All Banlaw vents are manufactured with a float valve to shut-off refuelling at a specific ullage. They are designed to allow air to be released from the fuel tank rapidly during high-speed refuelling, whilst avoiding premature nozzle shut-off, fuel spills and sprays. This can save time, money, and most importantly, is essential to the health of your employees.

Common Problems with Diesel Tanks and how to Prevent Them

Many companies store diesel fuel and provide it to the engines when needed. When these tanks are not properly sealed, the fumes can seep out into the surrounding environment. This is a serious problem, because those fumes contain combustible organic compounds (COCs), which are known carcinogens. Additionally, there is a high risk of fire due to carbon monoxide (CO). Fortunately, if you want to prevent these problems, you don’t need to install a complex ventilation system. A simple solution would be installing a diesel tank vents by your tank that pulls in fresh air from outside, while exhaust gases escape through the back.

Fine Filtered 3μm tank vent for fast fuel systems

Proper Maintenance for Diesel Tanks and their Associated Components

The maintenance of a diesel tank vents is vital to the health and welfare of workers, but it’s also important for the safety and longevity of your equipment. If you don’t keep your fuel tank topped off regularly, you may notice a decrease in power output. This can lead to an increase in fuel consumption and emissions. Some other maintenance tasks to consider are regular drain intervals, filter changes, and motor/fan blade replacement. A well-maintained system will help protect you from breakdowns that might occur when the unit is struggling to keep up with its workload.

To protect your diesel fuel system from the damaging effects of airborne particle contamination, use a Banlaw filtered tank vent. Heavy equipment typically operates in dusty, dirty conditions and a generic Quick-Fill tank breather has no means of preventing airborne contamination entering a tank. The Banlaw Filtered Vent comes with a serviceable air filter. This filter protects against particles entering the tank via the vent, and thus entering the fuel system of the equipment. The service life of OEM fuel filters is extended, reducing the risk of blocked filters and equipment downtime.

Get started with Banlaw in your Diesel Tank Vents needs

Banlaw has a range of robust diesel tank vents and tank breathers, built from high-grade materials for strength and durability to suit any operating conditions.

Banlaw offers a wide range of diesel tank vents. If you’re ready to take the next step, be sure to call  02 4922 6300 or send us a message online and let our team help you begin in choosing high-quality and affordable diesel tank vents. Get in touch with us right away so that we can help you make the best decision for your needs.

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