Nozzle Holsters

nozzle holsters

Banlaw’s durable and reliable nozzle holsters are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions encountered in mining and other heavy-duty refuelling applications.

Holsters are available suit our 800 or 1000 series nozzles in fixed stand or service truck versions.

Drive-aways not only risk serious damage to the fuel dispensing system, but may also cause fuel spillage and the risk of injury to bystanders. As part of Banlaw’s Drive-away Protection Solution, an internal electronic proximity switch within the holster detects whether or not the refuelling nozzle is safely stored into the holster.

This proximity switch can then be used to initiate visual and/or audible alarms such as a traffic light to alert the driver that the refuelling nozzle remains connected to the vehicle.

Improves Safety & Reliability