There is a Better Way of Draining the Oils

The Problem

Are you tired of the mess and risks associated with changing the fluids in your offroad machines? We understand the challenges of servicing heavy equipment, and we’re here to help. There is a better way of changing the oils.

Using the wrong quick couplings for oil can lead to environmental spills, employee sprays, and extended service times

Traditional gravity draining of service fluids can lead to uncontrolled jets and sprays, posing a risk to the environment, operators, and your equipment. In addition, the slow draining of viscous liquids can dramatically extend service times and reduce productivity, increasing costs.

Flat face quick couplings from Banlaw can help you avoid spills and sprays

The Solution

There are a couple of ways to address this problem immediately and permanently, so there is really no reason for uncontrolled jets of service fluids to occur during maintenance.

Use Banlaw flat face quick couplings to control the transfer and direct the flow of waste oils directly into a catch tray

Use flush faced / dry break fluid transfer couplers, and install an elbow and hose behind the nozzle, directing the flow of liquid straight down into a catch container or tray. This option will not make the fluid draining process faster, but will completely address the risk of spills and sprays.

Use Banlaw's flat face quick coupling for fluid evacuation to rapidly remove waste oils using a vacuum

Rapidly remove waste fluids using a vacuum. Banlaw’s universal fluid evac tool connects to receivers and service ports in our Flush Face range of fluid transfer fittings. This allows for a single tool to drain all of your waste lubricants and service fluids. A Banlaw Evacuation Coupling ensures spill-free waste fluids removal using a vacuum, dramatically reducing the time taken.

Click here to learn more about hard-wearing, flush faced fluid transfer and evacuation solutions from Banlaw.

Cleaner. Faster. Safer.

Banlaw's flat face quick coupling range saves money and time whilst ensuring fluids stay under control

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