The Fluid Asset Intelligence Experts

Banlaw saves a fortune for industrial operations worldwide by ensuring that every gallon or litre of their fluids gets measured, controlled, accounted for, and understood. Since 1980, we have been de-risking fluid storage, refuelling and maintenance processes.

Securely and safely managing industrial fluids is in our DNA, and we do it in ways that bring your organisation visibility, synergy and productivity improvements you can bank on.

Banlaw's expertise in fluid asset intelligence and fluid transfer management spans infrastructure, technologies, and hardware products for fuels, lubricants, chemicals, and other high-value resources.

Trusted by mature organisations the world over

Who are we?

Banlaw is a creator of cutting-edge fluid transfer and security technologies, as well as integrated storage infrastructure, and digitised process control solutions.

We enable our industrial clients; miners, railways, ports, construction and agricultural operations, to maximise the outcomes from their high-value fluids. Our global reach and ecosystem of distributors and technology partners ensures that help is on hand when it’s needed, including local repairs and spare parts, language and support.

"Banlaw's primary goal is to enable industry-leading fluid management capabilities worldwide. We couple the best technology with proactive support, continuous performance improvements, and lifecycle services that minimise business risk for our customers generating significant and ongoing savings."
The Fluid Asset Intelligence Experts » fluid asset intelligence
Bill Clifton
Managing Director & CEO - Banlaw Group Companies

What do we do?

As the Fluid Asset Intelligence people, our advanced manufacturing capabilities, services, and products enhance your business’s safety, efficiency, visibility and profitability. We’re your go-to solution for Flow Logistics infrastructure, Resource Tracking technologies and Safe Filling hardware products. Here’s why.

Gear oil, diesel, coolant, grease, DEF, liquid foods, chemicals, biofuels, and emerging energy assets are all part of Banlaw's fluid asset intelligence and fluid transfer management expertise.

FlowLogix - Built Solutions

Banlaw’s FlowLogix is our scaleable built solutions expertise. We create custom, ready-to-deploy infrastructure that is tailored to your specific needs, including geographic location, size of operation, process automation requirements and budget. Our significant engineering and metal fabrication capabilities include fixed and mobile fluid storage, ISO cleanliness solutions, and control systems.

Banlaw FlowLogixTM encompasses fluid infrastructure pipework, tank farms and transportable fluid storage solutions, vehicle-mounted industrial process units, and modular ready-to-deploy skids and containers.

To ensure our clients achieve the business value they are investing in, FlowLogix projects from Banlaw can incorporate comprehensive all-of-life-cycle services:

  • Collaborative partnerships with your preferred local Banlaw Distributor or Technology Partner
  • Site inspections to gauge readiness, identify performance improvement opportunities, eliminate safety risks and ensure compliance
  • Expert installation of equipment and proactive onsite calibration and maintenance services
  • Round-the-clock technical support 24/7/365 to assist with troubleshooting, remote software configuration, and hardware enquiries
  • Scheduled system health checks and continuous improvement insights to provide ongoing data-driven performance enhancements

ResTrack - Control Technologies

Fuels, service fluids, and the maintenance of machinery represent some of the most significant costs that off-road and industrial operations are burdened with. Our ResTrack Connected Technologies enable real-time monitoring of fluid levels, automated data capture, accurate reconciliation of all delivery and dispense transactions and industry-best security. ResTrack provides comprehensive reporting and alerts targeted to the needs of each user, so you can identify areas of inefficiency and make informed decisions that minimise operational costs and environmental impact.

Our ResTrack fluid management solutions include robust Field Controllers, feature-rich Inventory Management Software, and seamlessly integrated User and Equipment Identification and Data Capture technologies.

"We provide businesses with confidence and 100% validation of where all fluids are transferred, stored and used. We do this automatically via unobtrusive integrated technologies that start saving you money immediately."
The Fluid Asset Intelligence Experts » fluid asset intelligence
Sebastian Hoppe
Engineering & Development Manager - Banlaw

Field Controllers

Provide local user interface, fluid access control, automatic tank gauging, and electronic safety system integrations:

  • Xpress Controller (control up to 4 transfers and monitor 4 storage tanks)
  • Advanced Controller (up to 16 transfers and levels for entire fuel farms)
  • Tank Side Controller (automatic tank gauging and tank safety management)
  • Mobile Controller (on-the-move management and security of multiple fluids)

Fuel Management Software

Enables real-time visibility of all stored fluids, rules management, fleet and facility analytics, timely alerts, automated reporting, and ERP integrations: meet our ResTrack RMS fluid inventory management software.

Security & Automated Data Capture

FillSafe - Safer Fluid Transfer

Banlaw offers hard-wearing components and systems for the safe, efficient, clean and precise transfer, dispensing and storage of fluids.

Banlaw FillSafeTM incorporates over 700 products for improving equipment lubrication and maintenance processes, refuelling and bulk liquid transfer, as well as tank overfill prevention.

Our safe equipment filling products include nozzles, receivers, evacuation tools, tank vents, swivels, break-away valves, fine-filtered remote breathers, as well as hydraulic and electronic tank overfill protection systems.

All of our products are metal-where-it-matters for superior longevity and recyclability, and they are designed to prevent particulate contamination or cross-contamination. Superior fluid path design, reliable locking mechanisms, and a preference for dry break functionality further contribute towards operational safety and minimise environmental risk.

Cleaner. Faster. Safer.

As the Fluid Asset Intelligence company, Banlaw is your partner in optimising and deriving the greatest value from your fluid-related processes. Minimise your environmental impact. Keep your team and equipment safe. Enable productivity your competitors can only aspire to. Gain absolute security, visibility, and accountability over your high-value fluids.

View our Capability Statement or contact a Banlaw specialist for greater insight into who we are, what we do, and how we can help your operation unlock the potential of Fluid Asset Intelligence.

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