R&R Murphy Case Study Vehicle-Mounted Solutions

Enhanced underground mining equipment safety and efficiency

Banlaw Group Company R&R Murphy seeks to revolutionise precision metal manufacturing through deep collaboration with customers throughout the product lifecycle, from ideation to aftermarket support.

Specialising in the contract manufacture of custom metal assemblies and vehicle-mounted industrial process units, the R&R Murphy team focuses on safety, performance, ongoing cost optimisation, and identifying solutions to their client’s true needs. This approach forges lasting partnerships, in some cases spanning decades.

Over the last 20+ years, R&R Murphy has evolved from a contract manufacturing business into a comprehensive service partner for the all-life-cycle management of custom metal products. The R&R Murphy team provide end-to-end operational certainty and risk management that streamlines the development, manufacture, commissioning, fulfilment, and support of critical products.

R&R Murphy delivers unique client value because they believe collaboration and continuous improvement are the keys to creating the most beneficial industrial products possible.

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“At R&R Murphy, client relationship management is all about seeing what can be achieved when we truly partner with customer organisations. The intimate understanding we develop really helps us identify where tweaks to a product will make it safer or more reliable. Additionally, we become trusted to use our initiative and test whether removing or adjusting production steps can make an assembly safer to use or quicker, easier, and cheaper to manufacture.”

John Rudland, R&R Murphy General Manager

R&R Murphy tank manufacture expertise and precision metalwork

Learn more about cutting-edge metal fabrication for smart energy, defence, water, architectural, or industrial projects on the R&R Murphy website.

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