Loading Arms

Our rugged, dependable loading arms enable faster, safer, more efficient refuelling.

banlaw loading arms

Improved Fuel Flowrates

A raised loading arm gives the best opportunity to optimise the dispensed flow rate of the fuel. Up to 1000lpm can be achieved.


Our load arms support the weight of the refuelling hose and coupling, saving the operator from manually handling loads, protecting them from strain. The raised position also minimises slip and trip hazards. For a full drive-away protection solution, the loading arm can be combined with a Banlaw nozzle holster.


Introducing a loading arm to your refuelling reduces wear and tear on the hose meaning less maintenance and increased service life of your equipment.

Tailored Solutions

Our loading arms can be tailored to suit a variety of applications, including fixed refuelling bays and mobile service trucks. Each loading arm is installed with a variety of fuel dispensing equipment to suit your requirements.

The Banlaw Difference

Banlaw loading arms are durable, effective and reliable.