Safe Refuelling

At Banlaw, we stand at the forefront of Unified Fuel Management, a journey that spans over three decades of continuous innovation. Our commitment to refining the functionality of refuelling areas while prioritising safety has allowed us to achieve impressive refuelling speeds of up to 1,000 litres per minute (lpm) without compromising on safety standards. We don’t just excel in fuel management; our safety expertise extends to the storage and use of various hydrocarbons, ensuring that your operations remain safe and compliant.

Valuable Safety Services

Outsourcing your safety consulting to Banlaw offers you more than just cost savings—it provides you with peace of mind. Our dedicated staff share your commitment to safety policies and can assist you in meeting all relevant safety criteria. With a proud safety record, we prioritise your site’s safety and well-being.

Our expert staff go beyond consultation; they provide comprehensive training in Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) related to refuelling equipment. By promoting best practices on-site, we ensure that your employees stay safe while handling fuel. Our gap analysis audits are designed to identify any existing or potential fuel safety issues and recommend improvements, helping you stay one step ahead.

Drive-Away Protection Solutions

One of the greatest risks during refuelling operations is the potential for drive-away incidents, which can lead to injuries and equipment damage. Banlaw addresses this concern with cutting-edge drive-away protection solutions.

Our nozzle holster incorporates an internal electronic proximity switch, detecting when the refuelling nozzle is securely stored. Visual and/or audible alarms alert the vehicle operator (driver) if the nozzle is not properly secured to the holster, reducing the risk of drive-away incidents. In the unlikely event of a drive-away, our Banlaw break-away valve is engineered to fracture at a specific stress point, preventing damage to refuelling system components and minimising fuel spillage.

Safe Refuelling » Safe Refuelling

Loading Arms

Banlaw’s durable Fuel Loading Arms are designed to optimize flow rates while minimizing slip and trip hazards. These load arms bear the weight of the refuelling hose and coupling, reducing manual handling and potential strain on personnel.

Dry-Break Products

Our industry-leading dry-break products, including patented nozzles, receivers, and caps, are designed to prevent fuel spills and nozzle accidents, even during high-speed refuelling and extreme temperature conditions. Our nozzles eliminate the need to be held in the ‘on’ position and feature safeguards against premature shut-off, reducing the risk of injury to refuelling operators.

Safer Refuelling for Pacific National: A Banlaw Success Story

Pacific National, a prominent freight locomotive operator in Australia, faced safety concerns related to their existing equipment during long-haul rail journeys. They were particularly worried about the potential for fuel splashes and leaks when in-line refuelling hoses were disconnected and connected between tanks and locomotives.

Banlaw stepped in to engineer a solution—Banlaw Bulk Fluid Transfer Couplings. These innovative couplings mitigate the risk of fuel-related incidents, ensuring a safer refuelling process for Pacific National and setting a standard for enhanced safety in the industry.

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At Banlaw, safety isn’t just a priority; it’s our commitment. With unmatched expertise and cutting-edge solutions, we empower businesses to achieve unparalleled safety and efficiency in their fuel operations. Join us in pioneering safer fuel management practices and elevating your operations to new heights of safety and productivity.

February 16, 2015