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Let us introduce John and Scott from our Kalgoorlie, Western Australia service team.

Scott and John are part of our Field Services operation, and we really wanted to let you know what this team does and how they support industrial worksites worldwide.

Super Service at the Super Pit » service

The main focus of our service teams is to help our clients maximise the value received from their fluid management investments as quickly as possible. We’re really committed to selling outcomes rather than just fuel management systems and fluid transfer safety equipment. And the best way to do this, in our opinion, is by being present.

What can you expect from your Banlaw Field Service reps?

1) Education

Whether it’s new lube couplings on your HME, or a technology upgrade to automate equipment mileage and consumption reporting, it only becomes useful after people know how to use it properly. Scott, John, and their colleagues show your operators and system administrators the most effective ways of using new products. This makes life a lot easier for your team, and safer as well. Expect:

  • Face-to-face demonstrations for your teams
  • Online education and testing programs for advanced technologies
  • System performance monitoring to ensure you rapidly get the outcomes you were seeking to purchase in the first place

2) Problem Resolution

Fluid transfer management in an industrial context can require specialist skills. Nobody wants leaks and spills on their worksite, and time is money, so inefficient equipment filling quickly leads to queues at refuelling and maintenance bays and production issues. Some common issues we address include:

  • Fuel tank overfill, spills, and tank damage
  • Fluid contamination and cross-contamination
  • Underfilling of important assets (e.g. premature shutoff)
  • Leaks at bulk fluid stores, maintenance bays, or on mobile equipment

3) System Upgrades

World-class operations need to deploy the latest tools and processes. That said, all worksites are different, and unique site requirements mean choosing the most fit-for-purpose solution can be tricky. Banlaw service team members will take a look at how you really manage expensive fluids on-site, recommend a pragmatic solution, and install:

  • Fuel security upgrades that can’t be tricked or passed around your worksite for uncontrolled fluid access
  • PLC solutions for automated stock rotation and other bulk storage monitoring and safety processes
  • Fleet refuelling and fire prevention upgrades for service trucks, fuel bowsers, and high-flow infrastructure

4) Infrastructure & Fleet Maintenance

Interruptions and unscheduled downtime cost your business money and tie up valuable assets. Our service team members can help you achieve optimised performance across your fluid management processes and avoid significant safety and productivity risks. Through fluid receipt, storage, cleanliness, security, transfer, monitoring, and onboard safety systems, we’ve got you covered:

  • Calibration of flow meters for superior reconciliation rates and reporting
  • Cyclic inspection of receiving, filtration, storage and fuelling solutions for optimised flow rates and guaranteed ISO cleanliness
  • Selection of machine and operator identification technologies to automatically collect data and heighten fuel security
  • Audit-ready fluid safety and performance inspections for your fleet and facilities, to resolve risks quickly, target significant performance improvements, and ensure compliance
Super Service at the Super Pit » service

(Kalgoorlie Super Pit, Western Australia)

If you see one of our Banlaw service vehicles around your town or worksite, please come and say hi. We’re just regular folks passionate about helping solve everyday problems, so whether it’s John, Scott, or any of our team members, we’d love to meet you. Who knows, a quick chat with a Banlaw specialist might make your worksite cleaner, safer, or more efficient. And that’s what we’re all about!

"At Banlaw, we understand that achieving remarkable outcomes hinges on optimised functionality. That's why we're dedicated to ensuring our customers have the advice and support they require on the worksite or on the phone 24/7."
Super Service at the Super Pit » service
Roger Wong
Operations Manager Western Australia - Banlaw
Super Service at the Super Pit » service

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