3 Year Warranty on FillSafe Zero


Fuelling solutions to Fill Safe, Fill Clean, and Fill Fast are central to what we do here at Banlaw. We are really excited to provide this update on our Mechanical Tank Overfill Protection portfolio, FillSafe Zero.


3 Year Warranty on FillSafe Zero »


Banlaw’s R&D team have been working tirelessly to design, test and certify the most dependable Overfill Protection components the market has seen!

The outcome is a selection of Flow Control Valves, Level Sensors, and Pilot Lines which enable reliable, safe, and efficient filling of the widest possible range of diesel-powered vehicles and stationary equipment.

FillSafe Zero products are totally ‘mix-and-match’, and you can install them yourself too. This helps ensure that FillSafe Zero is not just reliable, but completely affordable.


3 Year Warranty on FillSafe Zero »


FillSafe Zero is about solving refuelling problems, and reducing risk to equipment and people


Total flexible pressureless filling solutions:

  • Do you need to fill several tanks accurately and simultaneously from a single fill point? There’s a kit for that
  • Do you need an integrated receiver? Well we’ve got Flow Control Valves with receivers or without, your choice
  • Do you need internal pilot lines? External pilot lines? A combination of both on the same machine? Done
  • Do you need integrated tank venting and roll-over protection? That’ll be our Vented Level Sensor
  • Do you need an in-line deployment? We’ve got products designed to be installed remotely from the tank, and suitable for 200-950lpm
  • Do you need a solution for a service truck, which dispenses diesel into other equipment at 800lpm? No problem. Our Remote Breather can filter air entering a tank at 1,000lpm (to 3µm)
  • Do you need to retain the functionality of your pressured-shutoff refuelling system as a backup? Great! Two layers of protection is standard with FillSafe Zero deployments
  • In fact if you’ve got a tricky install, machines suffering from underfill, overfill, slow refuelling, premature shutoff etc… give us a call, we’re up for the challenge

We are so confident FillSafe Zero is the most reliable solution for filling diesel-powered equipment safely, that all of our Flow Control Valves and Level Sensors now come with a 3 Year Warranty as standard.

Banlaw FillSafeTM Zero; built for heavy industry and guaranteed to last.


Learn more by visiting our FillSafe Zero webpage, downloading our FillSafe Brochure or Product Catalogue, or Contact Banlaw to speak with a specialist.