Fuelling issues solved with optimum Nozzle / Receiver / Vent combinations

Fuelling issues solved with optimum Nozzle / Receiver / Vent combinations »


How reconfiguring filling systems for offroad equipment enhances productivity and HSE outcomes

Regardless of the industry you’re in, you know that having the right configuration of systems, machinery and infrastructure is vital to achieving the best outcomes. ‘One size fits all’ never leads to industry leading results. The same principal applies when choosing hardware components for your refuelling systems.

Sub-optimal refuelling setups on your offroad vehicles can lead to slow filling, underfilling, overfilling, premature engine wear, unplanned downtime, tank damage, as well as environmental and safety issues.

The good news? Banlaw products can be selected to literally configure these issues out of the system on any type of diesel-powered offroad machine!

Banlaw manufactures a wide range of nozzles, receivers, and tank venting products, which can be mixed-and-matched. This provides superior flexibility when it comes to standardising refuelling systems for a site, whilst also overcoming issues on specific machines.

Let’s have a look at how the simple act of selecting the correct tank venting solution can significantly boost productivity, whilst improving workplace safety and reducing asset life cycle costs.

Fuelling issues solved with optimum Nozzle / Receiver / Vent combinations »

Banlaw vents are available in unfiltered, filtered, and fine filtered variants. All Banlaw vents are manufactured with a float valve to shut-off refuelling at a specific ullage. They are designed to allow air to be released from the fuel tank rapidly during high-speed refuelling, whilst avoiding premature nozzle shut-off, fuel spills and sprays.


Unfiltered Vents

Banlaw’s robust unfiltered vents are built from heavy duty materials and are designed to endure the toughest worksite conditions. They are equipped with an automatic shut-off mechanism that immediately ceases high speed refuelling processes at your desired ullage. The vents allow air to rapidly escape the fuel tank as it is filled, but also provide a guaranteed seal when the tank is full, preventing spills.

Fuelling issues solved with optimum Nozzle / Receiver / Vent combinations »

Key Benefits:

  • Robust construction for years of reliable service
  • Rapidly vents air to avoid premature nozzle shutoff at fill speeds of up to 800lpm
  • Enhances operator safety and  reduces environmental impact by avoiding leaks and spills
  • Ensures reliable, automated shut-off of quick fill refuelling processes

Filtered Vents

Fuelling issues solved with optimum Nozzle / Receiver / Vent combinations »

Industrial worksites are often harsh and dusty environments. Airborne dust and ore can enter fuel tanks though the vent, subsequently causing damage to engine components. This premature wear increases fleet maintenance costs, and reduces asset reliability. For optimising the life cycle costs of offroad vehicles and maximising productivity we strongly recommend the use of filtered tank venting solutions.


10 Micron Filtered Vent

Fuelling issues solved with optimum Nozzle / Receiver / Vent combinations »

This filtered vent boasts a 10μm nominal rating, and is perfect for limiting the amount of dust and other airborne particles which enter the fuel tank. The filter element is made from durable triple-layer multi density foam, and can be serviced in the field.

Key Benefits:

  • Compact design
  • Field serviceable
  • High flow capability with low restriction
  • High retention capacity & extended service life
  • Ensures safe, reliable, automated quick-fill refuelling, like all of our tank vents


Fine-Filtered Vent

Fuelling issues solved with optimum Nozzle / Receiver / Vent combinations »

Our Fine Filtered Vent removes airborne particles of 3µm (absolute) or larger, before they can enter the fuel tank. This is especially important for newer offroad vehicles, because many engine OEMs now mandate that contaminant particles upwards of 4 microns in size must be excluded from the fluid stream. Failing to achieve this can void engine warranties.

The Banlaw Fine Filtered Vent is unique in that when the tank is being filled with diesel, air exiting the top of the fuel tank does not pass through the filter element. Only air being drawn into the tank (as fuel is consumed) gets filtered. The large-sized filter element coupled with the fact only incoming air gets filtered means filter elements only need to be changed at scheduled service intervals.

Key Benefits:

  • Maintain fluid cleanliness to OEM guidelines – a mandatory requirement
  • Enhance productivity with up to 2,000 hours of engine operation between filter changes
  • Achieve measurable reductions to maintenance cost through extended component life
  • Enable cleaner, faster, safer, automated high-speed refuelling


Remote Breather

Fuelling issues solved with optimum Nozzle / Receiver / Vent combinations »

Our Remote Tank Breather prevents damaging airborne contaminants from entering fuel tanks and other fluid storages. It is unique in that it vents at 1,000lpm, and also filters incoming air at 1,000lpm (35.3scfm of air).

This product is perfect for service truck bulk storages, and other tanks where incoming air needs to be filtered at a high rate due to service fluids or diesel being rapidly dispensed from the tank.

The Remote Breather is also suitable for upgrading unfiltered refuelling systems on offroad equipment of all types. It can be installed remotely from the fuel tank and incorporates a large 3µm filter canister.

Key Benefits:

  • Compatible with Banlaw and other-brand unfiltered vents
  • Supports refuelling at 1,000lpm
  • Filters incoming air at up to 1,000lpm
  • 3μm (abs.) filter canister
  • Compatible with Banlaw Venting Level Sensor (overfill protection system component)


The highly configurable nature of Banlaw refuelling system components can help you minimise asset maintenance costs, boost productivity, and reduce the risks to employees as well as your fuel-consuming assets. Reconfiguring your fleet fuelling systems for optimum performance or longevity using Banlaw parts offers a great ROI. Banlaw takes the guess-work out of standardising or resolving issues with diesel refuelling systems. We’ve been living and breathing refuelling solutions for over 40 years, so if you need some advice, call us today!

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