Charlotte Poynting – The Fearless Female Racer

Dive into the world of motor racing, where speed and precision meet. One name that stands out from the crowd is Charlotte Poynting, an accomplished Australian racing driver.

In this blog post, we’ll look at her journey- from go-karting as a child to dazzling us in the Aussie Racing Cars championship. Hold on tight; it’s a thrilling ride!

Who is Charlotte Poynting?

Born and bred in Newcastle, New South Wales, Charlotte Poynting carved her path in the competitive world of racing from a very young age. With a newly purchased go-kart she received as an 11th birthday gift, Charlotte quickly discovered her passion for racing and began cultivating an impressive career in karting.

With five years behind the wheel of go-karts, Poynting firmly established herself on the junior Australian racing scene. At only 16 years old, she had soared through the ranks to clinch a national title – marking just the beginning.

Following this success, at 17, Charlotte transitioned from karting and took an ambitious leap into the Aussie Racing Cars Super Series. Charlotte Poynting is now a force to be reckoned with in the ARC series. She has now started in over 150 races and is a role model for women in sports.

Charlotte Poynting - The Fearless Female Racer » charlotte poynting

Aussie Racing Cars

In the Aussie Racing Cars Super Series, Charlotte competes in a purpose-built race car that is identical in build and engine power to competitor vehicles. Many motorsports enthusiasts recognise the ARC cars as half-size versions of Mustangs, Camaros, Commodores, and Falcons. And they can be even faster than the big cars on tight tracks. While there are aesthetic differences, when it comes to performance, it’s only the person behind the wheel that matters.

One of Charlotte’s most defining moments on track materialised during her very first outing with ARC in Hampton Downs, New Zealand. Charlotte etched herself into the sport’s history by becoming its first female driver to win a race in this category – a testament to not only her driving skill but also her tenacity and resilience.

Navigating the challenges brought about by Covid-19, including an enforced two-and-a-half-year break from racing hasn’t dampened Charlotte’s spirits or distracted her from her end goal: crafting a career out of motor racing.

Supported by Banlaw as a sponsor, Charlotte has resumed competing in the ARC Super Series post-pandemic – an exciting return for Charlotte Poynting herself, as well as her enthusiastic fans who love to watch her show the guys how it’s done!

Charlotte Poynting - The Fearless Female Racer » charlotte poynting

Recent results

June 2023 – Racing at Hidden Valley Raceway in Darwin, NT, Charlotte recently posted on Facebook, “coming from 27th to 15th and then today 19th to 12th. I can’t explain how happy & thankful I am to the team for persisting through all the issues this year. It’s been as trying as it possibly could have been, I needed this today! The car felt incredible and more importantly I have my confidence back.”

Stay up to date:

If you are keen to follow Charlotte’s exhilarating journey. Here is an overview of her race schedule:

You can watch Charlotte’s races on television or online with Channel 7, Foxtel, Kayo, or SuperView (

Charlotte Poynting - The Fearless Female Racer » charlotte poynting

Charlotte Poynting’s journey from go-karting to Aussie Racing Cars showcases her talent and determination in motorsport. She has earned her place among the top drivers in this highly competitive and male-dominated racing category. Charlotte is currently the only female racer in a field of 50 drivers.

Social media presence and engagement

Charlotte loves to stay connected with her fans and to keep them updated on her racing journey. Connect with Charlotte and be one of the first to learn about all the thrills and spills:

Instagram – @charlottepoynting
Facebook – @charlottepoyntingracing

Charlotte Poynting - The Fearless Female Racer » charlotte poynting
Charlotte Poynting - The Fearless Female Racer » charlotte poynting

Sponsorship and support

Banlaw, a leading fluid transfer management solutions provider, is proud to sponsor Charlotte Poynting in the highly competitive Aussie Racing Cars Super Series. As a professional race car driver, Charlotte relies on the support and resources provided by her sponsors to pursue her racing career.

Banlaw supports Charlotte Poynting FTW!

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