Dramatic Savings: 12 Location Agriculture Fuel Management System Case Study

The world’s largest Certified Sustainable Palm Oil producer had recently acquired almost 135,000 hectares of existing farmland, predominately situated in Papua New Guinea. Some of these plantations, which are dispersed over multiple remote locations, are hundreds of kilometres apart. The isolation of these farms, combined with the complexities of integrating such a significant company acquisition, made it challenging to analyse operating costs, productivity levels or identify improvement opportunities.

MTIS (an Authorised Banlaw Technology Partner) was engaged to implement process and technology solutions for enhanced visibility into Fluid Resource Management.

Dramatic Savings: 12 Location Agriculture Fuel Management System Case Study » Agriculture Fuel Management

The project delivered dramatic annualised cost savings of PKG 4,148,200 from the first three locations alone (AUD 1,579,400). The project also boasted lightning-fast ROI, with the Fuel Management System paying for itself within 3 months of installation. Furthermore, the client gained enhanced visibility, powerful benchmarking tools, fleet optimisation capabilities and an improved productivity culture informed by reliable data.


Business Challenges

Targeted Solutions & Strategies Deployed

Project Infrastructure: 

MTIS planned and coordinated all infrastructure upgrades, which were specifically designed using proprietary Banlaw technologies to meet the client’s needs.

Fuel Access Management: 

MTIS created a centralised hub for managing fuel security, including user and vehicle access configuration, and the issuing of secure identification and automated vehicle monitoring technologies.

Fuel Allocation Management:

Using data from Banlaw’s ResTrack RMS software, the optimum amount of diesel required for each fleet and class of machine was established and refined, yielding improved cost-efficiency across the numerous farming locations.

Interactive Productivity Mapping & Reporting: 

Mapping is now provided to the client every week, delivering an ongoing stream of actionable business insights.

Continuous Improvement

MTIS established on-site offices offering complete
project management and Quality Assurance (QA) services, helping regulate, manage, and report on fuel management practices and opportunities for enhanced productivity.

Banlaw Agriculture Fuel Management
Dramatic Savings: 12 Location Agriculture Fuel Management System Case Study » Agriculture Fuel Management

Business Outcomes


Farming fuel management systems

Download the full case study to find out the processes and technologies deployed, view a full cost savings summary, and get detailed information on how these replicable business outcomes were achieved:

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