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Case Studies

See how this Agriculture client saved a fortune with fleet fuel management solutions, automated fuel security, and targeted reporting for ongoing savings.
Peace of mind fuelling drill rigs, dozers, and an underground haul fleet. Read how FillSafe Zero helped this US gold miner eliminate spills and improve asset reliability.
Taking fuel to the mining fleet with additional service trucks saves on average 43 productive hours per day. That’s the same as having two extra haul trucks in the pit working full time!
Following the success of the field trial, and subsequent multi-tank installations of FillSafe Zero, the solutions deployed for the Cowal Gold Mine have now been distilled into standardised and integrated Banlaw refuelling and overfill protection products.
The Amrun Project is to produce some 22.8mtpa of Bauxite for the local production of Aluminium, as well as direct export to markets north of Australia. US$1.9b is being spent to expand production from one of the world’s premier Bauxite deposits, which has the potential for expansion to around 50mtpa. Banlaw’s involvement is the design, engineering, and supply of two fuel facilities.
International Mining magazine visited the Kaltim Prima Coal mining complex in Indonesia in late 2015, to see how such a large operation manages its huge fleet of machines over an extensive area. Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) is the world’s largest single producer and exporter of thermal coal, as well as largest single coal mining complex in Asia. ‘Back in 2008 the fuel accounting system at KPC was still highly manual, yet local teams were expected to manage inwards deliveries of some 3 million litres of diesel, which were arriving by barge every couple of days. This product was being hauled 16 km by tanker trucks and pipeline to the ROM storage area. From the ROM area, the diesel was used to fill haul trucks and large service trucks which would operate at refuelling locations within the pit. Pretty much everything was hand written, while contractors on the site also had to acquire the fuel they needed via a paper-based system. These factors caused significant difficulty in terms of reconciling around 1.6 million litres per day.
Rio Tinto Aluminium Weipa mine produces metal grade bauxite and calcined bauxite in the vicinity of 16 million tonnes per annum. The mining lease areas is 2,500 square kilometres. Rio Tinto Aluminium commissioned Banlaw FuelTrack™ at six locations surrounding the town of Weipa in early 2005. It is tracking fuel deliveries of between three and four million litres of diesel a month from more than a dozen refuelling points to around 400 pieces of equipment with an accuracy rate of above 99.5%.
Barrick Gold is a gold industry leader, with 25000+ employees, 26 operating mines (including Afrian Barrick Gold) producing 7.8 million ounces of gold in 2010. Barrick Gold selected Banlaw FuelTrack™ as their Global fuel management system. Now, Banlaw manage 14 Barrick sites across five countries with more than 400 million litres p.a. of diesel measured and accounted for with a level of accuracy not previously possible.
PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) is a world class producer of high coal thermal with one of the world’s largest open pit mining operations. Located in north-easter Kalimantan, Indonesia in 2010 production was 35.7 million tonnes. KPC commissioned the largest Banlaw installation to date with over 50 Banlaw FuelTrack™ depot consoles on one site in October 2009. Banlaw’s patented Banlaw FuelTrack™ Auto ID system is successfully installed on and tracking over 2000 mine vehicles including heavy, light and contractor vehicles. Fuel accountability is consistent at 99.98% of their 630 million litres per year, or 1.7 million litres a day.
An effective partnership between Banlaw, mining giant KPC and its distributor Atlas Copco Nusantara has been central to the highly successful implementation of an integrated fuel management system at one of the world’s largest open pit mining operations in Sangatta, Indonesia. Five years on, Banlaw’s fuel management system is performing extremely well, saving KPC time and money. The good news is there are still more benefits being realised.
Banlaw is your trusted expert in advising on integrated systems to give you the benefit of fast refuelling and fire prevention. As part of its best practice approach, Banlaw FillSafe™ is the only refuelling system to have an integrated fire-safe valve on the bottom and side entry tank inlets that only remains open during the refuelling process. Fires on-board large equipment often occur during operation and in servicing. In the event of such a fire, fuel loss via the tank inlet is eliminated because the valve is closed. Other valves and systems do not afford the same fire protection while also maintaining safe, fast refuelling times, with zero overflow, zero spillage and zero pressure on tanks.