Case Studies

Time is money in mining, that’s why Banlaw FillSafe™ helps miners to cut service times through safe and effi­cient high-speed refuelling with zero overfl­ow, zero spillage and zero pressure on tanks. Find out how Banlaw helped Glencore (formerly Xstrata Coal) increase their refuelling flow rates to almost 1,100 litres/minute and the measures undertaken to reduce spillage and contamination of oils and coolant. The successful results saw a roll out of the Banlaw FillSafe™ system at other sites – find out the details here.
The Moatize coal mine in Mozambique is Vale’s biggest coal project with a nominal annual production capacity of 11 million tonnes of metallurgical and thermal coal. Vale has awarded Banlaw the FMS contract for thei Moatize mine and they have specified Banlaw to consult as specialists and supply all hydrocarbon assets. Banlaw are responsible for the consolidation and reconciliation of all fuel and oil stock on site. Banlaw FuelTrack™ Enterprise software will allow head office access from Brazil.
Pacific National – a large freight loco operator in Australia – had safety concerns regarding their fluid couplings used within In Line Refuelling systems, commonly used on longer haul journeys. Concerns included: spillage of fuel when connecting and disconnecting the couplings, difficulty in connecting the couplings with residual fuel pressure within the hose, and unintentional disconnection of the couplings during a journey.
Mtu Indonesia needed to minimise downtime caused by premature wear of fuel components. In the mine environment, particles were getting into the fuel through the unfi­ltered fuel tank vents. A super class mining truck uses between 4,000 and 5,000 litres of fuel a day, so an equivalent amount of “unfi­ltered” air was entering the trucks’ fuel tanks.
Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) is the world’s fourth largest iron ore producer and is still growing. In FY 2014 FMG mined, railed and shipped 124 million tonnes of iron ore. Fortescue examined several fuel management systems before selecting Banlaw to implement its Enterprise Fuel Management System.