KPC Sangatta (18 months on)

Category: Large, Complex Site

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) is a world class producer of high coal thermal with one of the world’s largest open pit mining operations. Located in north-easter Kalimantan, Indonesia in 2010 production was 35.7 million tonnes.

KPC commissioned the largest Banlaw installation of the early 2000s with over 50 Banlaw FuelTrack™ depot consoles on one site in October 2009.

Banlaw’s patented Banlaw SecureFill™ Auto ID system is successfully installed on and tracking over 2000 mine vehicles including heavy, light and contractor vehicles. Fuel accountability is consistent at 99.98% of their 630 million litres per year, or 1.7 million litres a day.

Banlaw facilitated a new point of custody transfer agreement with KPC’s fuel supplier and is providing a full ongoing Service Level Agreement through local partner Atlas Copco Fluidcon.

Banlaw Fuel Management System‘s payback period was six months.


banlaw team  3 man standing in the controller   man leaning in the yellow tractor   man standing and the other man refuelling the tractor

March 30, 2015