Banlaw receives HSE Innovation Award from major miner

Banlaw service teams have recently been recognised by a large global mining client for reducing the risk associated with the manual handling of fluid calibration equipment.

Flow calibration is a critical activity for companies that need an accurate fuel management system to account for fuel usage in their operation. Calibration Meters are known to be bulky, awkward, and heavy. Moving Calibration Meters from job to job and correctly positioning them on site carries a significant risk of staff injury.

As part of Banlaw’s continuous improvement approach to onsite Hydrocarbon processes; this situation was recognised as an opportunity to improve. Banlaw teams analysed the risk profile, then designed and fabricated a new Calibration Rig solution.

Banlaw Calibration Rig:

  • Fabricated from lighter materials – easier and more-controlled lift
  • Can be wheeled around the work location – easier to manoeuvre
  • Deployable lifting handles – safer lift / hands away from pinch and crush points (red zones)
  • Ensures the accuracy of onsite fluid metering devices when incorporated into maintenance processes

We are delighted to be recognised in this way by our customers, well done team!

hse innovation calibration meter

February 1, 2017