In the news. Fuel theft at worksites… again

In the news. Fuel theft at worksites… again »

(Police locate thousands of litres of stolen diesel along with cash (Source: Queensland Police Service))

With heightened fuel prices worldwide, businesses everywhere are seeking ways to minimise waste and stay profitable. At exactly the same time, inflationary pressures are affecting the cost of living, contributing to dramatic increases in both the frequency and magnitude of fuel theft.

In the news just during recent days we see:

It really doesn’t matter where in the world your operation is. Fuel theft happens, and either you need to effectively control your high-value fluids or expose your organisation to significant risk.

"In uncontrolled sites it has been found that “minor theft grows into organised crime!”

What can you do about it?

Driveoffs, skimming, pump manipulation, unauthorised access, and even just wasteful usage of fuels and lubricants can be readily controlled. The required technologies are available today. They are affordable, reliable, and in some cases, do not even require a process change for operators.

Effective user and equipment identification technologies mean that only the appropriate amount and type of fluid will be pumped into the correct tank and only for approved users and machines. You get 100% validation of every gallon or litre pumped into each piece of equipment. Click here to learn about Banlaw Auto ID solutions for Splash Fill, Dry Break, Lubrication and Bulk Transfer processes.

Robust fuel management system software and field controllers give end-to-end process visibility. From buy to burn, integrated infrastructure and connected technologies mean service fluids, fuels, chemicals and other high-value liquids are measured in real-time where they are stored and every time they get moved. The result is that wastage and theft are resolved, business risk and OpEx is reduced, fleet productivity is enhanced, and the inputs for tax and environmental reporting are both accurate and automated. Click here for an overview of Banlaw’s fuel management system offerings.

In the news. Fuel theft at worksites… again »

The following video published by the Queensland Police Service details the November 2022 arrest of a mine site worker and accomplice accused of stealing diesel from a fuel bowser at an Australian mine site and then re-selling it. Around 7,500 litres of diesel was stockpiled in a nearby shed at the time of the arrest.

Since 1980 Banlaw has helped industrial organisations worldwide reduce their carbon emissions, their environmental risk, and the cost of managing their fluids and fleets. We’re the fluid asset intelligence people.

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In the news. Fuel theft at worksites… again »

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In the news. Fuel theft at worksites… again »

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In the news. Fuel theft at worksites… again »


November 17, 2022