Celebrating a Wonderful Year at Banlaw

The Banlaw Australian fueling systems team thanks all the customers who have used our fuel nozzle for refuelling and fuel management solutions during 2023. Have a great end to your year!

As we approach the end of another fantastic year, we’d like to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had. It’s been a year where we’ve prioritised and nurtured relationships within the industries that we serve. The Banlaw Group has experienced notable growth in 2023, allowing for advancements in new technology and strategic investments to enhance the safety, efficiency and profitability of our customers’ workplaces.

We would like to express our deep gratitude for the invaluable support, trust and partnership that you have extended to us. Your unwavering commitment has played a pivotal role in shaping the Banlaw that exists today. We acknowledge that without our wonderful customers and talented distribution partners worldwide, our mission of delivering smart, reliable and safe resource management solutions would not be possible. We are profoundly thankful and honoured for the opportunity to work alongside you. Your input and the challenges you bring us to solve inspire us. It drives us to pursue innovative solutions each and every day.

Here are a few Banlaw highlights from 2023

New Products and Innovation

Banlaw’s Auto ID Wireless Swivel – Improving fuel security just got easier. The patented wireless swivel enables the simplified upgrade of service vehicles and fixed dispensing locations, saving you time and money.

Our wireless swivel enables the ultimate in fuel security. For fuel management systems that help you maximise your fuel tax credit and contribute to amazing fleet fuel management system outcomes, give us a call.

HubMate – Our low-profile service port and service tool is your new mate in the maintenance bay. Designed to eliminate leaks and spills, streamline service times and reduce risk. To find out more click here.

HubMate fluid transfer management couplers enable clean fluid evacuation and top-ups. It's a low profile fluid transfer management solution that's totally unique, and can be installed on wheel hubs and gearboxes of heavy industrial machines.

Tank Safety

Our tank-filling safety solutions have received an upgrade too! FillSafe Power allows attainment of the highest flow rates and assured tank overfill prevention. It’s easier, faster, and safer than all other automated bulk transfer, dry break, and lubricant filling processes.

Our FillSafe Power electrical overfill protection solution is the most efficient tank overfill protection offering on the market. It integrates fuel tank overfill prevention valves of all sizes, meaning totally unrestricted flow rates and the ability to control filling of all fluid types.

Built Solutions

Precision custom metal manufacturer R&R Murphy joins the Banlaw Group of companies. R&R Murphy is a leading manufacturer and exporter of large architectural metal infrastructure, chemical and diesel storage tanks, and associated fluid management systems. They support the smart energy, water, defence, mining and industrial, on-road, and architectural sectors. R&R Murphy extends the capability of Banlaw Group companies, enabling us to deliver more substantive fluid infrastructure projects, as well as advanced vehicle-mounted hydraulic and mechatronic industrial process units.

If you need a fuel skid, diesel storage tank, fuel loading arms, or an entire fuel farm, consider R&R Murphy, a Banlaw Group company.

Quality Products

Ongoing investments in high-performance manufacturing: This isn’t a process that starts and finishes at Banlaw. Creating the best products requires an unrelenting focus on quality and efficiency. A new Mazak INTEGREX i-200H ST has recently joined our extensive fleet of machining centers and helps us achieve both objectives. The new machine performs first and second operations in one go, reducing lead times. Equipment like this allows us to be more flexible to customer needs, respond faster to demand and offers our staff the ultimate manufacturing work environment to showcase their skills.

Our fuel management systems Australia operation produces Australian fuelling systems, tank overfill prevention products, diesel refuelling couplers and quick disconnect fittings for many lubricants, oils and service fluids.

As we embrace the festive period, we wish to acknowledge and respect the diverse celebrations and beliefs cherished by each of you. At Banlaw, inclusivity is fundamental, and we celebrate the richness that different cultures and traditions bring to our global community.

With the holiday season upon us, Banlaw teams will be taking a well-deserved break over the Christmas and New Year period. Please ensure all orders are placed before the closure period, or alternatively, they’ll be processed upon our return in January.

Our fuel management systems Australia and North America operations will be closed for Christmas. See you in the new year. If you want the best Australian fuelling systems, consider Banlaw.
Banlaw diesel fuel nozzles and fuel management specialists will be available when we return on 2nd January 2024. Merry Christmas.

May this holiday season bring joy, peace, happiness and laughter to you and the people you love. We look forward to supporting you in the coming year – a year we hope will be filled with new opportunities and even greater success for all.

From all of us at Banlaw, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

"Banlaw's primary goal is to enable industry-leading fluid management capabilities worldwide. We couple the best technology with proactive support, continuous performance improvements, and lifecycle services that minimise business risk for our customers generating significant and ongoing savings."
Celebrating a Wonderful Year at Banlaw »
Bill Clifton
Managing Director & CEO - Banlaw Group Companies

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December 18, 2023