Automatic Tank Gauging

An automatic tank gauge is an electronic device. Its function is to monitor the fuel level tanks and provide an instant reading. As part of a unified fuel management system, it provides a vital step in monitoring the stored fuel and can track it over a period to see if the tank is leaking.

Fuel security at the fuel farm level is most effectively enabled with an automatic tank gauging system. A fuel management system that delivers remote tank level monitoring in real time unlocks immediate fuel tank security. Fuel reconciliation reporting will identify variations between what you purchase and what ends up in your bulk fuel installation.

Benefits of Automatic Tank Gauging

With an automatic gauge, there is no need to manually dip tanks. The operator can get a real time read of the level inside the tank, without needing to climb up and manually dip inside of the reservoir. Using the latest technology, it can calculate the product volume and temperature. This means that there is dramatically reduced likelihood of an inaccurate reading, as well as ensuring the safety of the employee. The reading is taken by a controller which is installed as a part of a fuel management system.

Tank Side Controller Key Benefits

When the controller is installed on the side of the tank, the operator can get real-time visibility of tank levels, which are displayed digitally at the tank side. They can also be received on any device with a web browser, such as a mobile phone. Key benefits include:

  • Optimise your fuel delivery schedule – automated tank level notifications, so you know when to schedule refiling, minimising down time
  • Ensure the levels of accuracy – dual-device tank level data
  • Lower the risks of operator error – visual and audible alarms at the tank side to alert the operator of correct functioning
  • Increase safety
  • Boost productivity
  • Avoid equipment damage with optional Bulk Tank Overfill Protection

Tank side controllers give an accurate, immediate interview, and can be integrated into a fuel management system to give ever further benefits.

Tank Side Controller Features

The Banlaw Tank Side Controller is a cost-effective Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) device that can be installed as part of a complete Fuel Management System. It provides real-time visibility of fluid levels for 1 to 4 bulk storage tanks and captures dual-device tank level data for industry best accuracy.  

  • Real-time measurement of up to 4 bulk storage tanks
  • Offline data storage of tank levels (when not connected to a network)
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Satellite communications available
  • Guided-wave radar with accuracy +/- 3mm (>99.5% accuracy in most cases)
  • Optional bulk storage overfill protection system
  • Optional Safety Integrity System bulk storage overfill protection system
  • Intrinsically safe or explosion-proof instrumentation available
  • Can Withstand harsh industrial work environments, (-25°C/-13°F to 70°C/158°F) whilst providing safe operation and control of your fuel and service fluid infrastructure.
Automatic Tank Gauging » Automatic Tank Gauging

Level Track Optimised for Operators

Side tank displays with automatic tank gauging allows operators to visually check the levels and status of the tank, without needing to manually check from the top of the tank. It is robust and able to withstand extreme cold, extreme humidity, extreme heat, dust, snow, and wind. An automatic tank gauge also dips every minute, meaning the operator has always near to real-time readings of the internal readings of the tank.

LevelTrack is Banlaw’s automatic tank gauging application that records the actual fuel inventory level of tanks. It provides automatic tank gauging system and water detection for all shapes and sizes of bulk storage tanks. LevelTrack is highly accurate, very reliable and is suited to many different environments and installations. The system uses the latest technology to calculate the product volume and temperature. There is no need to climb into tanks to measure and dip.

 Instruments on top of the tank automatically and remotely provide you with:

  • tank volume and temperature data
  • temperature compensated volume calculations
  • bulk storage water detection
  • tank level alarming with email notification

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February 17, 2023