Introducing Banlaw’s range of extreme temperature products

cold -60°C, hot +60°C

Banlaw’s products are the safest and most rugged refuelling equipment available for your business. With the addition of our new, specialist cold temperature products, we’ve now got you covered from -60°C to +55°C.

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Reliable and safe refuelling even in extreme temperatures

Banlaw’s refuelling products have always been built tough to withstand harsh and rugged operating environments.

After extensive field and laboratory testing, Banlaw has introduced a new cold temperature range for use between -10°C and -60°C (-76°F). The difference comes from seal elastomers that better withstand extreme cold.

Banlaw standard products are able to withstand extreme heat, safely operating in temperatures up to 55°C (131°F).

Save Money, Time And Fuel With Banlaw

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Unified fuel management

The Extreme Climate Refuelling Range is just part of Banlaw’s pioneering Unified Fuel Management process. As fuel specialists, Banlaw has the people, products and system capabilities to help your operation control fuel usage from ‘Buy to Burn’, locally and globally – saving time and money.
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February 20, 2015