How to minimise total cost of ownership – Maintenance and more

Here at Banlaw, we’re all about helping companies improve their productivity by reducing fluid loss, reducing fluid contamination, and delivering more efficient and safer resource management processes.

With Banlaw products sold in 33 countries, we need a system for supporting customers that includes local knowledge, local language, and is flexible to a range of Maintenance Management Systems. It is critical to us that users of Banlaw hardware have access to the right product, knowledge, and skills to keep their equipment up and running.

In this newsletter, we’ll cover:

  • Product Education – and how skilled Banlaw Distributors can reduce cost, and increase productivity for customers
  • Maintenance Management Systems – including three different real-world examples, each of which are helping deliver reliable site operations
  • Banlaw Service Capabilities – that can accelerate continuous improvement and maximise the effectiveness of Banlaw solutions on-site
  • Rio Tinto’s Amrun Project – a significant hydrocarbon project, leveraging a wide-range of Banlaw capabilities

banlaw factory newcastle team manufacturing
(The Banlaw team at our manufacturing facility in NSW, Australia)

Never stop learning

Product education

Banlaw designs and manufactures Fluid Transfer, Overfill Protection, Refuelling, and Fuel Management solutions. With over 600 different products available, it is important that information is shared between Banlaw, Distributors, and our customers on a regular basis. With ongoing advances in fluid management technology, work sites can achieve significant process improvements when challenges observed on site are matched with the most effective hardware, maintenance, or process automation solution.

One way that Banlaw and Distributors support local customer needs is through joint site visits. Banlaw Service Technicians spend a high proportion of their time on-site, troubleshooting hydrocarbon issues. That means that during a visit, the Distributor’s insight into site pain points, supplemented with Banlaw’s subject matter expertise, allows for rapid identification of improvement opportunities. A common deliverable is the definition of a fuel system inspection checklist (tick and flick) for a specific dump truck, grader, or dozer fleet. Collaborative efforts like this immediately reduce customer business risks, and help avoid scenarios that cause assets to break down.

Whether through joint site visits, traditional classroom training, or remote support services, Banlaw seeks to enable Distributors and customers with the latest product information. We also help specify component combinations which will work together optimally, to overcome specific site issues. With Banlaw and a Banlaw Distributor focused on your success, costly site problems are minimised.

Our Distributors are informed on Banlaw’s three most recent product releases:

  • FillSafe Zero – a pressureless, mechanical, Tank Overfill Protection system
  • GTX – a safer, faster, and easier-to-use Grease Transfer Coupling
  • Arctic Range – designed and certified to work on sites that experience extreme-cold conditions

Nozzle repair program

Banlaw is known for manufacturing high performance, high flow rate, all-metal diesel refuelling products. To ensure customers achieve the best total cost of ownership, dry break refuelling equipment must be correctly specified, installed, and maintained.

authorised nozzle repairer logo
(For accredited repairs, look for this logo)

Our Authorised Banlaw Nozzle Repairer program is designed to educate selected Distributor teams. The program certifies skills, equipment, as well as test methodology, and ensures that customers can have their refuelling nozzles refurbished in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Well maintained Banlaw Refuelling equipment is often still in service ten or even more years after the initial purchase.

atlas copco banlaw nozzle repair training certification
(Recent Banlaw Nozzle Repair Training with technicians at PT. Atlas Copco Indonesia, a long-term accredited service agent)

Maintenance management systems

Different customers require differing levels of ongoing maintenance support from Banlaw. The arrangements are highly flexible, and usually relate to the technology deployed, the local Distributor’s areas of expertise, and physical location of the work site. The following are three examples from highly-effective Banlaw client sites.


  • Site works with a local Banlaw Distributor for break fix and critical spares
  • Banlaw provides remote troubleshooting, monthly reports, and half-yearly site visits

Predictive and condition-based

  • Site invests in locally-responsible hydrocarbon teams
  • Site works work with a highly-skilled Banlaw Technology Partner
  • Banlaw support with reporting to drive continuous improvement, as well as quarterly visits and meter calibrations

Reliability centred

  • Site leverages permanent Banlaw onsite staff to ensure fleet reliability, fluid availability, and drive productivity enhancements for the hydrocarbon estate. Machine availability and reduced service times are also a key focus.

banlaw predictive preventative maintenance mining rail
(Mature Maintenance Management Systems unlock the ongoing incremental improvements which distance innovative industrial organisations from their peers)

Banlaw service capabilities

Banlaw’s services organisation includes specialist team members in the fields of mechanical, electrical, software, automation, hazardous areas, as well as machine and facilities maintenance. This means we are uniquely skilled, and capable of supporting new customer deployments, existing customer improvements, and building complementary local skills within our global Distributor network.

Banlaw Services Menu:

  • Planning and installation for Refuelling, Fluid Transfer, and Overfill Protection upgrade projects (equipment or infrastructure)
  • Meter calibration (using NMI certified master meters)
  • Site audits targeting new installation planning, problem resolution and safety checks
  • Routine and preventative maintenance to drive savings and productivity
  • Nozzle repairs (certified distributors around the globe)
  • Remote services such as proactive FMS / RMS health check reporting and configuration support
  • Staff training via telephone, online, classroom, and on-the-job
  • 24/7 helpdesk

We offer a variety of service arrangements to ensure that customers maximise the effectiveness of their Banlaw solution. Banlaw Distributors are an important part of this framework, and are chosen for their local presence, local language, great local skills, and service-oriented approach.

Find your local Banlaw Distributor

Site Audits

Banlaw customers often feed back that the service which delivers greatest value to their operation, is the semi-regular ‘Detailed Site Audit’. Proactive site audits help you get ahead of the game and avoid situations where equipment can’t receive fuel, is leaking large amounts of fluid, or suffers a fire.

Detailed Site Audits are fully tailored to the needs of each site, but common deliverables include:

  • Objective feedback which is independent of machine manufacturers
  • Fluid system inspection processes defined for all equipment classes (tick & flick), including fuelling, tank overfill protection, machine fluids, and fuel management
  • Identification of system and equipment issues prior to problems developing
  • Improvement priorities delivered directly to the responsible person onsite
  • Forensic investigation and root-cause analysis of complex events
  • Creation of get-well-plans
  • Plans defined to deliver cost reductions and efficiency gains from process improvements and innovative new technologies
  • Firmware, software, and knowledge updated for Fuel Management sites
  • Equipment condition monitoring reported with photographic evidence

For a free list of best practices you can apply right now, check out our Contamination Control Checklist.

banlaw grease transfer coupling safe fast easy to use
(Banlaw Grease Transfer Coupling deployed: Because it is easy for all operators to use, allows increased grease transfer rates and reduced the risk of operator injuries)

Recent projects

Rio Tinto – Amrun project

Banlaw is delighted to have been contracted to design, engineer and deliver fuel infrastructure for Rio Tinto’s Amrun project, which will expand output from one of the world’s premier bauxite deposits in the north of Australia.

Banlaw’s scope includes diesel unloading, storage, and dispensing functions for two fuel farms, plus fuel management, stock management, process automation and remote control technologies. To learn more about this cutting-edge technology deployment read the Banlaw – Amrun Project case study.

two huge yellow tractor working
(Bauxite mining near Weipa, QLD, Australia. Image source: Yahoo Finance “Rio Tinto announced $2.6bn Amrun Project”)
May 29, 2017