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Banlaw’s FillSafe Zero overfill protection system is the benchmark in pressureless fast fill refuelling systems. It is a mechanical solution that safely and efficiently stops fuel flow when the ‘full tank’ level is reached. FillSafe Zero helps to increase workplace safety, stops environmental spill issues, and minimises the risk of equipment damage associated with pressure build-up in tanks. FillSafe Zero products help to boost the productivity and reliability of your fleet. Check out the video to see FillSafe Zero in action.

Banlaw FillSafeTM Zero   

  • Stops tank filling at the ‘full tank’ limit every time
  • Is compatible with most brands of quick fill diesel refuelling products
  • Ensures zero tank pressure build-up during refuelling
  • Is a patented, safe and dependable solution
  • Provides exceptional fill speed, up to 1000lpm (264gpm)
  • Suits the broadest range of diesel-powered machines and stationary tanks
  • Is a complete product range, large enough to solve any refuelling problem

Banlaw FillSafe Zero provides safer and more efficient diesel refuelling. It increases workplace safety by reducing the risk of spills, leaks, sprays, and damaging pressure build-up in tanks. FillSafe Zero provides market-leading fuelling efficiency whilst avoiding tank overfills and underfills.

A FillSafe Zero tank filling solution consists of a Flow Control Valve, a Fuel Tank Overfill Prevention Valve, and a Pilot Line to connect them. These components can be selected to suit your own unique machinery, tank architecture, worksite conditions, industry, and daily operational requirements. 

Contact your local Banlaw Distributor or give a specialist at Banlaw a call to work out which combination of FillSafe Zero products will help you achieve fast fills, and no spills.

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