Global Leaders In Unified Fuel Management For Railways

Banlaw provides high performing, innovative equipment and fuel management solutions. We help rail companies improve their productivity by reducing fuel loss, reducing fuel contamination and delivering more efficient and safer refuelling.

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Hydrocarbon Experts

Our heritage is in fuel management but our expertise has extended to hydrocarbons in general and management of other liquids: we can provide you with software, hardware and services to optimise the storage, safe handling and use of fuels, oils, coolants, grease and more.

We Believe In Delivering The Best

We have a complete focus on efficiency and safety; our products are engineered for speed, accuracy, durability, and safety of the user at every stage. We have an innovative R&D program, always looking for new solutions to save you time and money, and to make managing your hydrocarbons more efficient whilst keeping the work environment safe, secure and clean.

Engineered In Australia, Used Globally

We are based in NSW, Australia where we design, engineer and manufacture our products and software. We have a network of trained distributors around the world who provide expert sales and service at a local level, in addition to the regional Banlaw teams.

Our clients are high volume fuel users in rail, mining and other industries globally. Customers tell us they value Banlaw’s high performance products because they deliver measurable improvements from a fleet optimization, refuelling interval, servicing, and ROI perspective.

The Banlaw Difference

  • Unrivalled product quality – safe and reliable, operator-friendly products, expertly engineered for over thirty-five years.
  • Exceptional durability – the most rugged, robust and ergonomically designed products. Incorporating the best materials gives Banlaw a repair/refurbish service capability.
  • Products designed and engineered specifically for the rail industry.

How We Deliver Productivity Gains

Fuel Management Systems

  • Fuel Management Systems maintain, monitor, measure, secure and control hydrocarbon movement and dispensing.
  • Banlaw FuelTrack does the basics and more; it is the tool which helps unify fuel management approaches, allowing you to keep innovating and improving year after year.
  • A Banlaw Fuel Management System scales in size and features from a single refuelling station, to numerous bulk storages and thousands of locomotives spanning regions/countries/continents.

Refuelling Hardware

Reducing the time associated with refuelling locomotive engines and tanker wagons brings significant savings and efficiencies.

Our refuelling hardware delivers flow rates of up to 1,000 litres per minute per nozzle. Rail operators currently refuelling at 300-500 litres per minute could therefore halve refuelling times by installing correctly matched Banlaw dry-break nozzles, receivers, and tank vents.

With Banlaw, high speed refuelling is achieved whilst maximising safety and machine life. Pressureless overfill protection systems extend tank life, and are available in electronic and hydraulic versions. Self-closing vents and auto shut-off nozzles provide a second layer of overfill protection. Fire-safe valves and break-away valves can also be incorporated into the system for added safety. Banlaw’s patented Ultra-Fine Filtered Vent (3μm absolute) has been shown to significantly increase the life of fuel injectors and other engine components. Our refuelling equipment has been ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the operator, and every element has been engineered to mitigate fuel spillages.

Extreme Temperatures

Banlaw’s cold temperature range includes both refuelling side and locomotive side components specified down to -40°C, keeping your refuelling processes in action even at extreme temperatures.

Refuelling In Motion

In partnership with Australian rail freight operators, we have engineered a high performance In Line connection system to enable unattended diesel-fuel transfer for scenarios such as extended long haul journeys.

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Banlaw Bulk Fluid Transfer Couplings are of robust design and materials due to the relatively harsh environments they are exposed to, and incorporate extra safety features to ensure they stay connected in a constantly moving, and high-vibration application.

Using a reliable fluid transfer solution is key for In Line Refuelling, where unplanned decoupling of hoses from the tender can cause fuel outages, and spills that lead to environmental situations and fire risk.

The couplings alone can be used to upgrade your existing system; or Banlaw specialists can be engaged to help design and install an In Line Refuelling solution specific to your requirements.


Think “Inside” the Box

Banlaw is revolutionising the approach to locomotive servicing. By locating the access points for servicing or provisioning of diesel fuel and hydrocarbon products near to each other, we have been able to introduce significant efficiencies through design.

We have also engineered the Banlaw Evacuation Coupling (BEC), one common coupling which can be used to remove waste product from different sized receivers without the need to change the mating nozzle each time. It works fast, using vacuum for evacuation rather than gravity.

Banlaw’s LubeCentral range of fittings are dry-break, eliminate fluid cross-contamination, offer enhanced flow rates, and work with the BEC.

Customers commonly replace different fluids at points around a locomotive engine. Efficiencies can be realised by centralising these service points, and accessing multiple fluid types via a service box.

Banlaw can help design and fit out service bays, with FMS for monitoring and control, hose reels for multiple fluids, and best in class couplings for refilling and evacuating machine fluids.

Download Our Capability Statement For Rail And Learn How We Can Reduce Your Fuelling Times By 90%

Banlaw have been producing high speed refuelling products, safety systems, and fuel management solutions for railways for almost 30 years.

Here is a quick look at the ‘rail collection’. Nozzle, Receiver, Vent, In-Line fuelling solution, and pressureless Tank Overfill Protection products.

High speed refuelling and safety systems for diesel locomotives.